how to defeat fascism and the global elites and restore our republic n.
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How to Defeat Fascism and the Global Elites and Restore Our Republic! PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Defeat Fascism and the Global Elites and Restore Our Republic!

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How to Defeat Fascism and the Global Elites and Restore Our Republic! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Defeat Fascism and the Global Elites and Restore Our Republic!. The Usurper. PARADIGM TIME: The US GOVERNMENT has been hijacked by a Usurper President and International Fascists.

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the usurper
The Usurper


The US GOVERNMENT has been hijacked by a Usurper President and International Fascists

  • Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama is NOT a natural born citizen and as such is ineligible to be our President. Everyone in the federal government who allowed this to happen is ALSO GUILTY of TREASON. They EACH took an Oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
  • Additionally, aka Barack Obama has violated the Constitution at numerous turns, not the least of which is the use of US military for civilian matters at Samson, AL, April 2009. Visit for full details.
the plot
The Plot

The threat remains from a Fascist group trying to subdue the American people into accepting a New Global Government with centralized control over banking and business.

"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super capitalism and Communism [Fascism] under the same tent, all under their control.... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent."Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets

path to tyranny the money trail





Path to Tyranny—the Money Trail

Mandatory Collection Gold/Silver - FDR

Gold Reserve Act - FED RES gets all the GOLD!!

Permanent Income Tax - IRS

Federal Reserve Established

No Redemption for Notes Allowed-FIAT!

FED RES offers foreign banks a Gold Standard

Great Money Grab of 2008/9!

Trillions in FIAT

LBJ says Silver Cert FIAT!

No redemption value

In 2008-9, with the Money all worthless, there was only one move left—con the US citizens out of all their property with credit based on FIAT money. Get the Chinese to “back” it and offer them as collateral EMINENT DOMAIN to all US PROPERTY!! Ah, the VERY LONG CON!!

If all our money has been FIAT for more than 40 years, where has all the GOLD gone? We have been paying interest on monopoly money!!!

Fascism:a political philosophy, movement or regime, that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader; severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

Republic:a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president; a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law.

fascism vs republic

Once well-established, Government holds ALL the Power

Fed, Banks, Corporations

State & Local Govt

Less power

People surrender more and more power until they become powerless

No Constitutional Rights

Fascism vs. Republic

Minimal central government elected by the people

Less Power



State Govt

More Power

County Government County Sheriff


Constitution & Power to Vote

who are the fascists
In the former US:

The Federal Reserve

Illuminati | Gold Standard | Rothschild | Federal Reserve Notes |

The Executive Branch

Geittner | Bilderberg Meeting | Federal Reserve Affiliation

The Congress

TARP | Bailouts | Executive Orders | Stimulus |

The Supreme Court

Standing for the People

Wall Street

9/11/08 Drawdown

Big Banks

Federal Reserve | Bailouts | TARP


AIG | Fannie Mae | Freddie Mac | Citicorp | Countrywide | Google | Microsoft

Council on Foreign Relations


Rockefeller Family


George Soros

EIR Dossier |

Who Are The Fascists?

This Fascist takeover isn’t just happening in the US. It is happening around the world by the Global Elite who control the money, the banks, the UN and the Federal Reserve.

international fascist nwo
World’s Wealthiest

Rothschild | Buffett | Gates | Helu | Kamprad | Alsaud | Li Ka-shing | Dell | Brim |

United Nations Bodies:

Rockefeller Family as Founders

House of Rothschild |


In Their Own Words


Global Elites:

Rothschild Family

Getting to Know You |

Chinese Government


International Banks

International Crisis Group | Fight the IMF | International Settlement |

European Elite


Bilderberg Group

Meet Obama | 2009 Surprises | Oil Tax |

Trilateral Commission

Members |Meeting Publications |

International Fascist (NWO)
transition to fascism
Transition to Fascism
  • FASCISM relies on 2 things:
          • Money for Power

2) Fear for Control

  • To transition a Republic’s people to a Fascist state requires the Fascist use:

- Media Control

Ownership | ACLU | Deception-1 | Deception-2 |

    • Market Control

Bernanke | 9/11/08 Market Meltdown | Soros/Indonesia

    • Economic Control

GM | Chrysler | Labor Unions | EU Constitution | Banks | Fed Instability |

    • Covert Methods

A Good Crisis is Never Wasted | G20 Economical Concessions | China Bailout-Eminent Domain

    • Fear Mongering, especially the economic variety and terrorism variety

Pandemic Flu | Unemployment | Border Control | Katrina | Boy Scouts | Youth Corp | ACORN GPS Tagging | Hitler Timeline | Genocide | History Re-run |

fear factor
Fear Factor
  • During the Transition phase to Fascism, people of a Republic generally believe their government is inherently good because their lives have been so good.

Deception Through Hypnosis | Cloward Piven Strategy-1 | Cloward Piven-2 | Corporatism | Plagiarism Eligibility Fraud | Historical Precedence | History Re-run | Crowd Hypnosis |

  • They don’t realize their high living standard was a trap set for them by the Fascists and Global Elites. This complacency causes them to defend a government that has already overreached in its stealing of liberties with each passing day.

Debt Ratio | Deficit Spending | Upside Down Mortgage | Sub-Prime | ARM | Mansions | Welfare | Oversight

  • When it is too late and the people finally realize what is happening, their FEAR becomes the greatest tool for the Fascists to congeal, or solidify their power.

Argentina | Salbuchi Analysis | Salbuchi Speaks |

  • At that point, the FEAR keeps the people trapped.

Katrina | Martial Law |

  • When we overcome our FEAR, we can free those good Americans who are caught in an illegitimate government. They will be able to break free of the tactics fascists use to control everyone.
its all an illusion
Its all an Illusion!!
  • Until the Fascist’s power is solidified, the Fascist’s hold is extremely vulnerable

Bilderberg Nervousness | Bilderberg Fears |

  • They use FEAR to further the illusion:
    • Fear of economic collapse – Bilderberg Planning |
    • Fear of terrorist attacks – Free Speech | Combating Terrorism |
    • Fear of biological attacks – flu, Ebola, etc. – Bilderberg Planning |

1918 Flu | 1970s Flu | 2009 Flu | Stats vs Reality | Bio-weapons | Blogs a Twitter |

  • People are resisting them at all levels, but know that its not safe to break away until enough people stand up to it at the same time with the right plan to move forward.

Tea Parties | JagHunter Suit | State Reps | State Sovereignty | Patrick Henry Caucus |

Citizen’s Grand Jury |

  • Remember, FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real! Don’t fall for it—fall OUT of it!

Crisis Management | Historical Reference |

prepare for their tricks
Prepare for their Tricks
  • Yes, unfortunately this fascist group of thugs will try various means to gain control over a free people—the last free people on the planet
  • Cards they can play over the next two months or two years (but plan on two months):
    • Flu virus or bio weapon, such as Ebola in order to declare martial law. The flu may not kill you, but the vaccine will.
    • EMP – Both Iran and No. Korea can launch a missile that would send an Electro Magnetic Pulse over our East and West Coasts (protect your electronic items with Faraday Cages, stock up food and water and anything else you would need when going camping).
    • Terrorist attacks, such as bombings around the country. Set up an emergency plan for your family in the event of something like this.
    • Severe weather or earthquakes – we know the Russians and US have been developing this capability for years – plan as you would for a hurricane or earthquake.
    • Bringing in more foreign troops (according to agreements already signed by Bush) to settle civil unrest (though they will instigate it, put on their media channels and then use UN troops to enforce martial law). Remember, people from countries with fascist governments are not prepared for the attitude of Free People on the Land!! Give them attitude and make them afraid.
more tricks
More Tricks
  • Amenities – food shortages, contamination, water rationing, contamination, power outages, interruption, internet and cell phone network interruption
  • Education – dumbing down, text books errors, indoctrination, Global Warming, Eugenics, Suicide courses
  • Out of control taxation (carbon tax, share the wealth/entitlement, universal health care, bank take-overs, bankrupting private industry, foreign aid,)
  • Strong-arm states – forced bailout participation, closed-door congressional arrangements, lobbying, constitution violations, bank holidays
free people action statements
Free People Action Statements

The next slides provide you with Action Statements for FREE LIVING on the Land, but a word of caution for those who are not fully prepared:

regain independent thought
Regain Independent Thought

1) I will Turn off ALL Mainstream Media NOW and question EVERYTHING I see and hear! Ask yourself what information they are editing out and why.

– They require a national market to compete. We the Free People need to focus instead on local needs and politics. By watching only national events we are inflating their importance and therefore their power. Reduce their power by taking them off your radar screen (yes, even Fox news).

- If they can’t access your mind, they can’t control it!!

- Listen to alternative online radio and TV. Stretch your mind, but take in multiple sources and think about their use of emotion and content to spur you to some action or inaction.

- This will cripple some of the media companies and sow discord within their ranks. People in the fascist government will leave it!

  • 2) I will Study the history of our Founding Fathers, our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.
    • - Spend your time finding out about people, resources and services within your own community.
    • - If our Founding Father’s were alive today, they would join groups like “We Are Change” (find them at and get the truth out about this tyrannical government that is manufacturing crises as a means to control us!
regain economic independence
Regain Economic Independence

3)The Feds set up an un-Constitutional banking system—I will let them pay their own bills! I vow to get off their money system NOW and establish a local monetary system for exchange of goods and services.

- It was all a big scam for them to control our money and, therefore, our lives. Don’t give them that power. Ask yourself where is the gold the original Federal Reserve notes ($s) were supposed to represent? Our Federal Reserve, assisted by the government, went off the Gold Standard in 1934. You have been paying them interest on “monopoly” or FIAT money!!

- Stop using your credit cards TODAY!! Pay cash for everything LOCALLY!!! Or barter with your local people and businesses.

- Join your Chamber of Commerce. Help them to become independent of government and corporate control so they can serve the people. Start a campaign to promote local businesses.


- Your money vote is more important than the ballot at this time. The Fascists rely on money to wage their war on your freedoms. Cut OFF their supply lines—good tactical maneuver.

- Join “End the Fed” and tell them you want to turn it into “Constitutional Bread” or something else catchy. Get their focus OFF of all things Washington-related! IGNORE ALL THINGS “W” and “B”: Washington, Wall Street, Bernanke, Bilderberg, Banks, Big Business, W.H.O., etc.

4)I willDonate $10 in cash to in 6 months we will have a new interest-free Constitutional economic system for a free people.

regain proper government
Regain Proper Government
  • I will Take the Oath Keeper oath, to defend the Constitution.

  • I will Contact my County Sheriff and get them to confirm

their commitment to their Oath to defend the Constitution.

- Tell them you expect them to defend it and you will support them in

anyway you can if they do the right thing.

- If your Sheriff waffles about the Constitution, order his a copy of Sheriff Mack’s book, “The County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope” at

- Join “Campaign for Liberty” and tell them you want to focus on the most important election to everyone one of us—our local County Sheriff! Identify a candidate for Sheriff in your county.

- Get involved in your County government’s meetings and their plans for spending your tax money.

- Join “Committees of Safety” and start working on taking back your State governments. Let your State representatives know you belong to Oath Keepers and will not vote for anyone who votes against the Constitution.

  • I will Join the Constitutional local militia. I understand the local militia is our greatest Constitutional deterrence against a tyrannical government and I will no longer hold them in disdain, but will serve in any capacity even if I don’t have a gun.

- It has always been the Constitutional right of every person to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. Don’t let “Katrina” happen to your town or county.

- The Washington thugs are using lists to keep us afraid, put them on your lists, too, and don’t be AFRAID! Don’t let them teach you to think militias are a bad thing!!

regain control of education
Regain Control of Education

8)I willTeach my children their Constitutional rights by standing up for these rights at every turn.

  • This most likely requires your attendance atevery school Board Meeting and PTA, too, in order help determine the school’s curriculum and code of conduct
  • Enlist your local liberty groups to join your efforts to ensure the schools remain Constitutionally-accurate places.

- Hold family meetings, teaching your values

- Your submission to political correctness will cost your children's freedom

- Have daily discussions with your children about what they are learning and correct them and the teacher when there are inaccuracies

  • Your submission to political correctness costs your children their freedoms
  • Consider homeschooling if you are unable to take care in working with the school system

9) I will Leave a legacy of Liberty and Freedom for our Children and future generations.

- If all the groups you have joined, can not put enough pressure on

for some change in attitude, consider home schooling. Unless

parents are willing to stand against tyranny, your children are

going to become the slaves the global elites want.

regain community security
Regain Community Security

10) I will Prepare myself and my family for tough economic times and times without power or other amenities.

- People who are prepared are people who are not afraid when

change comes. And its coming as promised by the Usurper in Chief.

11) I will Start a Victory Garden and Get OFF the Grid!

  • If you don't have land to grow food, you still have many choices like growing crops at a neighbor's home and sharing the food
  • Permaculture, growing in flower boxes, hanging plants, etc
  • Community Supported Agriculture (local farms deliver fruit,
  • 7 vegetables to you weekly)
  • Store food like beans, rice, coconut oil for cooking
  • Store at least 10 gallons of water glass jugs, and keep out of the sunlight
  • Consider buying or making a Solar Power generator

12) I pledge along with All Constitution-loving Free People on the Land my life, my fortunes and my sacred honor to one another and I will attack any “brownshirts,” or thugs, who come to my doors in the middle of the night.

  • If they ask you to turn over the “homegrown terrorists” such as gun-owners, veterans, other Constitutionalists (and the list goes on), attack them with knives, saws, blades, hammer, etc. and resist responding in fear. Make the thugs afraid and not YOU.
final solemn vow liberty or death
Final Solemn Vow“Liberty or Death”

I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!

Patrick Henry - March 23, 1775

start right now
Start Right NOW!
  • 3 Step Plan to Restore the Republic:
    • County - Work at the County Level first. When your local community is functioning in a safe way, you can begin to focus on other levels of government, but not before then.
    • State - When the counties are safe and secure, begin to build your state government again with a return to the Constitution in mind—the Constitution of our Founding Fathers and not the one this wayward government has added amendments to that weaken our freedoms and liberties and complicate our lives.
    • Federal Government – if and when it becomes necessary again. I would advocate now, at this early stage, for a change in the location of the capital as it has deep, deep roots in tyranny and corruption. Just a thought.
  • Don’t give in to Tyranny or FEAR!
  • The time to reclaim our liberties is NOW!
united we stand
United We Stand
  • This is a movement of shared thought. It belongs only to those who share the same beliefs. Liberty starts in the hearts and minds of each one of us. Join your heart and mind to your fellow countrymen living free on the land.
    • Nobody owns us or this message.
  • Check back here often for new links with information to support your new action statements for free living.
  • People who have chosen to LIVE FREE (add yourself and your groups here—together we can be FREE again)
brought to you by free people on the land


Join us and Sign the

Declaration Of Independence, Ver 2.0