Look into the microscopes and draw what you see
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Look into the microscopes and draw what you see! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Look into the microscopes and draw what you see!. An introduction to Living Organisms!. An A moeba!. A Paramecium . Insect Leg . What is a paramecium and an amoeba?.

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An introduction to living organisms
An introduction to Living Organisms!

An Amoeba!

A Paramecium

Insect Leg

What is a paramecium and an amoeba
What is a paramecium and an amoeba?

  • Paramecium- Paramecia are unicellular organisms belonging to the kingdom Protista, so they aren't exactly plants or animals. A paramecium can digest food, move through water by propelling themselves with cilia, and reproduce. As some of the oldest organisms on earth, they have evolved very simple methods of defence, genetic exchange, and mobility.

  • Amoeba- alike the Paramecia are single celled organisms that are from the kingdom protista. In the middle of this cell is the nucleus. If the amoeba is cut in half, the half with the nucleus will survive but the amoeba without the nucleus will be unable to digest food and will soon die. The amoeba lives in the ocean, fresh water, damp soil and the bodies of larger animals. There are half a dozen species living in the human mouth and digestive system. The amoeba feeds on other protista swimming around them.

Is the Cell alive?

The cell is a living system that exhibits all the characteristics of life including growth, movement, reaction to stimulus and reproduction.

How do cells grow? Move? React to stimulus and reproduction?


Is It Living?

  • Is fire a living thing, according to a scientist’s perspective? Write down your explanation on a piece of paper and hand it in at the end of class.