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Contemporary houses. Examples from the world. Modern Home-Edgy, Designed by Helena Alfirevic Arbutina , Croatia.

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Contemporary houses



Modern home edgy designed by helena alfirevic arbutina croatia
Modern Home-Edgy, Designed by Helena AlfirevicArbutina, Croatia

  • The House is divided into three wings. On one of the wings made a room for garage and bedrooms. And while the opposite Wing to provide for children. For the central part of the wing was made for the public, which is very beautiful and ideal to honor guests who will come. On the Middle wing made really interesting from the architectural point of view. Interior design in use is also rich in transparent areas. So here you can see everything from around the House even from the top level. Transparent abundance also allows it to have a complete view of the top of the page. Use the White interior design and details in wood with garnished with a fireplace in the Middle, suspended that add comfort and pleasure. There is also a sense of earthy details when sprinkled on around the House, such as a collection of pebbles and carpet. Maybe you already understand the whole of the contents of running this House but you haven’t stepped in a small interior garden with white stones and a small shrub which is contained behind glass walls. Really interesting and inspiring new to you all.

Exotic luxe white contemporary house architecture by world of mouth
Exotic Luxe : White contemporary house architecture by World of Mouth

  • This contemporary house architecture is a project of the World of Mouth and it is located in Seminyak, Bali. If you are a romantic person, this wonderful house will fascinate you. The villa is an interesting interpretation of Mediterranean architecture and this is visible in the rounded corners and in terms of the overall appearance of the contemporary house architecture as a whole.

  • This contemporary house architecture canfascinate everyone with a magnificent white facade, decorated with beautiful green tropical plants. All this, and the clean geometric lines of the external staircase, exactly illustrate current trends in the construction of the modern home as an extension of its natural surroundings. In addition, the contemporary house architecture also offers many open spaces where you can safely indulge in a complete relaxation.

  • The overall aesthetic of the contemporary house architecture requires a new look to the interior and decoration. As to the color scheme, the living spaces are decorated in black and white, in acincredibleformcordance with the wishes of the client. However, the situation looks very vibrant and colorful, which is due to the beautiful details in this white interior design, such as the unique lighting solutions, the s of decorative vases or the beautiful curves of furniture with a shape, inspired by eggs. Furthermore, this contemporary house architecture provides plenty of light, which makes the white interior design welcoming.

  • The creative use of the space in this white interior design is a priority and therefore the different parts of the decor are in a complete interaction with each other. In fact, they even harmoniously overlap, which allows the different areas in this white interior design to exchange their roles in accordance with the wishes and attitudes of the owners.

Modern contemporary house in bali
Modern Contemporary House In Bali requires a new look to the interior and decoration. As to the color scheme, the living spaces are

Bali Hill House is modern contemporary house imagined to be built on the hilly terrain of Bali, surrounded by  green tropical vegetation. Residence will be placed on top of concrete podium with swimming pool and terrace.

  • Main part of the house with requires a new look to the interior and decoration. As to the color scheme, the living spaces are covered balcony is imagined to be built above the terrace hanging above the green hills of Bali. Even larger cliff-edge swimming pool is placed on the other side of property. The most interesting part is connection of this modern contemporary house with terrain. Dymitr imagined creative integration with the landscape.

Modern dream home in the forest by chu gooding
Modern Dream Home In The Forest by requires a new look to the interior and decoration. As to the color scheme, the living spaces are Chu+Gooding

  • This modern dream home is designed by  requires a new look to the interior and decoration. As to the color scheme, the living spaces are Chu+Gooding Architects, located in Rustic Canyon, a suburban residential neighborhood of Los Angeles in California. The home looks quite impressive, with exterior facade made of dark gray concrete in combination with glass walls.

  • This house is beautiful piece of modern architecture, shaped out of smaller and larger, thinner and thicker concrete surfaces which also created lots of terraces and balconies around the house, making it dream home. Interior decor continued this design flow. Straight lines formed modern living space fulfilled with wood textures. As on the outside, interiors are full of corners, mezzanine floors and interior balconies connected with stairs and hallways

Susta nable ec0 fr endly nature fr edly houses

Sustaınable requires a new look to the interior and decoration. As to the color scheme, the living spaces are ec0-frıendlynaturefrıedlyhouses


Mission blue design
 MISSION BLUE DESIGN requires a new look to the interior and decoration. As to the color scheme, the living spaces are

One of the council house’s green features is a solar-heated floor constructed out of reclaimed mesquite

The W20 Lounge is a bar in Ventura, California, that is The Ojai Foundationcantilevered over an existing historical building.

Cement flooring and LED lighting are other eco-friendly features used.

The lounge features The Ojai Foundationan EcoSmart clean-burning fireplace.

The Eco Foam The Ojai Foundationused in the furnishings have zero-VOC impact; the fireplace is non-wood burning and from EcoSmart.

The home features The Ojai Foundationreclaimed wooden floors and furnishings.

Project incorporated recycled wood and furnishings, plus materials that had practically no off-gassing potential. We used environmentally sound fabrics on all of the chairs and installed low-voltage lighting and solar panels. The house is not completely off the grid, but it uses very little energy. 

  • A stylish sustainable design of prefab house was designed by Christopher Daniel. Modularity, energy efficient features were become some important points to achieve high sustainability, especially in an extreme environment condition like a desert. This eco friendly construction was built in futuristic design. The exterior was made from fibre-reinforced plastic, supported by carbon trusses. The plastic material is energy efficient and can help deflecting the sunlight to prevent over heating.

Fennell residence floating house by robert oshatz
Fennell Residence, Floating House by Robert Christopher Daniel. Modularity, Oshatz

Portland, Oregon-based organic architect Robert Christopher Daniel. Modularity, Oshatzcreated created the Fennell Floating House for his clients who purchased a mooring on the east side of the Willamette River, an active commercial and recreational body of water

Legendary architect, Robert Christopher Daniel. Modularity, Ozhatz, designed a unique sustainable home. It is a house that floats on Oregon's Willamette River, used for a summer house of a family. As Robert's other designs, this design is an eco friendly design, adopting passive concept.