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  1. Contemporary: The Beginning 

  2. Isadora Duncan  • born in 1877, first self trained in classical ballet and burlesque (skirt dancing) • Duncans' new vision for dance was not accepted in the U.S so she took her vision to Europe where they appreciated the change. • Took styles from Ancient Greeks, and wanted to make dance more free movements and softer calling it "free" dance and when presented calling it "The Dance of the Future" • Believed you get your energy from your solar pelxus which made you move. • Started her own company calling themselves the Isadorables. She used women of all sizes and found it necessary to make costuming and staging simple so you watch the dancers. 


  4. Ruth St. Denis • born in 1879, very classical trained in ballet, and some skirt dancing • Became inspired by eastern cultures, such as Japan, Egypt and India • She adapted the cultures and that inspired her choreography of telling these ancient stories through american dance.  • Her dance pieces translated the music and made emotional content from music to movement. • Married a student Ted Shawn, and shortly after started their company Denishawn, which Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, and Charles Weidman (major dance innovators)  • She was categorized the same as Isadora Duncan, but unlike Duncan who sought out "the Self in the Universe", St. Denis sought out "Universe in the Self".

  5. Martha Graham • born in 1894, started dance in her teen years where she enrolled in Denishawn school and work aside Ted Shawn for 8 years • Gained her first emotional solo while in the company as an Aztec maiden • Graham got rid of the soft movements and insteadused spastic movement, falls, and shakes to tell the story she and interpretations.  • Developed the breathing and contraction technique which is majorly used today • Graham began opened up doors to a whole new style of dance that is replaceable  • Her movements were first thought of as ugly but then apreciated for the stories told through the movement.


  7. Costuming • the costuming changed greatly when these new styles began • Duncan got rid of corset, and tutu and began to use a tunic styled dress to replicate the Greek wear and help make the movements flow more. • St. Denis costuming style was more flashy but they replicated the culture she was portraying.  • Graham took after St. Denis style and used costumes that would best fit the stories she was choreographing and adapted the long flowing skirt . She also used original music made just for her and used backdrops as more visuals for some of her pieces. 

  8. staging • the basic proscenium stage was used when preforming professionally • in 1891 Loie Fuller- used effect of gas lighting on silk costumes to give the dance more depth. • backdrops where used to help convey the story along with more prop uses and sets on stage

  9. Modern dance today • Mia Micheals- best known for work on So You Think You Can Dance. Amazing choreographer who brings her art alive through multiple different styles of movement.  • Shannon Mathers- one of the most innovated choreographers at this time. She loves showing passion in her choreography • Sonya Tayeh- known for work on So You Think You Can Dance, with a new style called combat jazz. Very quirky and different movements. •

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