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Twain’s Setting

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Twain’s Setting. Mark Twain used Hannibal, Missouri as the setting for Tom Sawyer . Let’s explore his world. Hannibal, Missouri. Found on the Mississippi River. Hannibal, Missouri. Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain Steamboats landed 3 times a day

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Twain’s Setting

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twain s setting

Twain’s Setting

Mark Twain used Hannibal, Missouri as the setting for Tom Sawyer . Let’s explore his world.

hannibal missouri
Hannibal, Missouri
  • Found on the Mississippi River
hannibal missouri1
Hannibal, Missouri
  • Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain
  • Steamboats landed 3 times a day
  • His dream was to be a steamboat man on the river
hannibal missouri2
Hannibal, Missouri
  • Lived here between the years 1839 to 1853
  • Newspaper career began as an apprentice to a publisher
  • Do you see the white fence? Remember it!
the adventures of tom sawyer
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • The story is not an autobiography, but Mr. Clemens’ did turn many people from his life into the characters
  • In the preface of the book Mr. Clemens states that Tom “is a combination of three boys whom I knew”
main characters
Main Characters
  • Tom Sawyer – combination of Samuel Clemens himself and two childhood friends; Mr. Clemens actually did many of the things which Tom does in the book
  • Huckleberry Finn – comes from the real boy named Tom Blankenship, who lived down the street from Mr. Clemens
main characters1
Main Characters
  • Becky Thatcher – based on the young girl, Laura Hawkins, who lived across the street from Mr. Clemens; she lived her whole life in Hannibal; this is a picture of the house in Hannibal which is called “Becky Thatcher’s House”
main characters2
Main Characters
  • Aunt Polly – based on Mr. Clemens’ own mother, Jane Clemens
  • Cousin Mary – Mr. Clemens’ sister Pamela Clemens
  • Cousin Sid – Mr. Clemens’ younger brother, Henry Clemens
  • Joe Harper – based on a childhood playmate, John Briggs
main characters3
Main Characters
  • Injun Joe – legend says that this character was based on Joe Douglas who was part Indian and part African-American; Douglas was bald and wore a red wig; lived a long life and died respectably
  • This is a picture which includes the grave stones of Mr. Clemens’ parents
  • This graveyard will be important!
  • McDougal Cave – this is about 2 miles south of Hannibal and was well explored by children; today it is known as Mark Twain Cave
  • Why do you think the name was changed?
on the mississippi
On the Mississippi
  • Lived in several cities along the Mississippi
  • When 21, lived in New Orleans
  • Became an apprentice to Horace Bixby, a steamboat pilot
  • Lived on the river for 2 years
  • Began signing articles with the pseudonym “Mark Twain,” which means “two fathoms deep”
the later years
The Later Years
  • Mr. Clemens became a famous and respected author
  • He traveled and lectured all over the United States
interesting facts
Interesting Facts
  • Mr. Clemens became known for the white linen suits he would wear for lectures
the later years1
The Later Years
  • Mr. Clemens married and had 3 children. The first died after 2 years.
  • He began many business adventures which failed and eventually had to file for bankruptcy because of his exuberant lifestyle
  • Moved to Europe and did a lecture tour
  • Oldest daughter died during this tour in 1896
the later years2
The Later Years
  • Wife became seriously ill and died in 1904
  • Dined at the White House with President Theodore Roosevelt
  • Youngest daughter died in 1909
the last year
The Last Year
  • Mr. Clemens’ health rapidly deteriorated after his daughter’s death
  • On April 21, 1910, his heart failed and he died at the age of 74
go out with the comet
“Go out with the Comet”
  • Samuel Clemens was born in November 1835 when Halley’s Comet appeared in the night sky
  • Mr. Clemens died during the next appearance of the comet, April 1910
  • Amazingly, throughout his life predicted his own death
a big thank you
A Big Thank You!
  • All pictures in this presentation can be found in the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress