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Take Over. Idea created by: Nolan Morganstern , Lilly Cline, Jessica Weber, Morgan Grubaugh , Emma Kotkowski , Emily Graves, Cameron Crabtree, and Emma Dockery . The Purpose of Take Over.

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take over

Take Over

Idea created by:

Nolan Morganstern, Lilly Cline, Jessica Weber, Morgan Grubaugh, Emma Kotkowski, Emily Graves, Cameron Crabtree, and Emma Dockery

the purpose of take over
The Purpose of Take Over

Take Over is a game where you are an atheist character transported, in a time machine, back in time to before the Era of Hope. You are transported to the land of Muslims. You realize you lost pieces to the time machine. Your end goal is to find those pieces and get back to your time. Objectives: Take over the Islamic, Byzantine, and Roman Catholic empire.


You are a atheist in the time 149292. You get in the time machine and go back to the days of Muhammad. When you get there, you realize you lost pieces of your time machine along the way. You know they’re around the Mediterranean Sea. You meet Muhammad. He becomes your tour guide and helper on getting the pieces to your time machine back.

number of players
Number of Players

Take Over is a single player game. Although, you get to customize your character.

historical heroes
Historical Heroes

Muhammad is the main historical hero in this game. He will be your guide. Teach you the weaknesses and strengths of each empire. Although he can not help you in battle.

historical villains
Historical Villains

In Take Over we don’t have one person we specifically hate. Our villains are the Byzantine and Roman Catholic empires. Who are we trying to take down in the Byzantine empire? Heraclius and his empire. Who are we trying to take down in the Roman Catholic empire? Pope Severinus and his empire.

overall map
Overall Map

Since your goal in the game is to take over empires. We give you a map of the Northern part of the Mediterranean Sea. There will be locks on the empire’s lands you haven’t unlocked. The parts you have unlocked though will be brown.


Take Over does not have many secrets to it. There may be one or two hideouts in each empire but you have to find those yourself. Although you can buy/trade sheilds, armor, and more to protect yourself.

level final challenge
Level Final Challenge

First you will have to take over the Islamic empire and take over the ruler. In the Byzantine empire you will be expected to take over Heraclius. In the Roman Catholic empire you will be expected to take over Pope Severinus. Once you defeat these rulers you will get a piece of your time machine back.


There will be a bar in the top left corner that tells you whenever you face an enemy their health.

The task you will need to complete will be on top.


The map, progress chart, and inventory will be in the bottom right corner.

You will have a circle in the bottom left hand corner that tells you your health situation and location.


Background is a major part of the game. In Take Over, you will land in Mecca when you are transported back in time. You will travel through Constantinople, Rome, and of course Mecca. In Rome you will see elaborate churches. In Constantinople you will see Castle’s and the fortified wall. In Islam you will see the five pillars, the heart of Mecca and much more.

sound effects
Sound Effects

Take Over sound effects are everywhere in the game. When you speak to somebody a voice will respond you don’t just have to read. You will also hear all the battle sounds you would hear if you were actually fighting back in the day. You will hear water running and much more.


Music comes in to play in cities. You will hear the music on the street, in stores, in restaurants, and much more. Also you will hear music before battle.

difficulty and start over
Difficulty and Start Over

The difficulty of the game gets harder and harder as you go. In Take Over we do provide checkpoints. As soon as you get halfway through the level the game automatically saves for you. You can save at any point though.


The main purpose of Take Over is to provide kids with knowledge of the different empires before the Era of Hope. Get them involved but in a fun way.