the british take over india n.
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The British Take Over India

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The British Take Over India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The British Take Over India. By Alex Hadley. East India Company. The British East Indian Company was a trading company that controlled 3/5 of India in the 1800’s.

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east india company
East India Company
  • The British East Indian Company was a trading company that controlled 3/5 of India in the 1800’s.
  • As the organization of India crumbled, the East India Company used politics to pit one side against another until they were in control of India.
the sepoy rebellion
The Sepoy Rebellion
  • The British imposed many hardships upon the Indians, and disregarded their religion.
  • The Sepoys were angered, and rebelled. Rebels went to Delhi where they attacked the British.
  • The British crushed the rebellion, then burned down towns and killed un-armed civilians.
the brightest jewel
The “Brightest Jewel”
  • India became Britain’s most important colony, and put money into their investment.
  • Britain gave India cheap quality products, and demanded good quality ones.
  • They also gave India new technology, and their population grew.
indians and british cultures clash
Indians and British Cultures Clash
  • The British took two views of Indian culture.
  • Some viewed them as wise people, and respected their culture.
  • Others had a “Mike” approach, meaning their brain was too small to understand & respect the Indian culture.


growing imperialism
Growing Imperialism
  • Britain’s plan to educate Indians with western knowledge backfired.
  • The Indians started to revolt, both peacefully and non-peacefully.
  • India eventually would gain independence in 1947.