where is mediterranean europe n.
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Where is Mediterranean Europe? PowerPoint Presentation
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Where is Mediterranean Europe?

Where is Mediterranean Europe?

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Where is Mediterranean Europe?

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  1. Where is Mediterranean Europe?

  2. Mediterrean Europe • Spain • Portugal • Andorra • Italy • Vatican City • Malta • Greece

  3. The Mediterrean region was home to the two great civilizations of ancient Europe. What were they? • Ancient Greece • Ancient Rome

  4. Two geographic advantages helped this region develop • Mild climate made survival easier and societies had time to develop complex institutions such as government • Mediterranean Sea encouraged trade with different societies bringing new ideas to the area. This leads to advances in knowledge

  5. Greece: Birthplace of Democracy

  6. Maps of Greece

  7. The city-state of Athens developed the first democracy, a government in which the people rule. • In Athens, all free adult males were citizens who had the right to serve in the law-making assembly • Athenian democracy helped inspire the US system of government • Warring among the city-states of Greece weakened them and they were eventually conquered by Alexander the Great

  8. Greek science, philosophy, drama and art helped shape modern culture.

  9. The Parthenon in GreeceFamous Greek Temple (450 BC) near Athens

  10. Typical Greek village and Greek money

  11. City of Santorini in Greece

  12. Greek Heroes:Jason, Hercules…Homer’s epics: The Iliad and Odyssey

  13. Apennine Mts.-Italy

  14. “All roads lead to Rome” • As Greece was losing it’s power, Rome was rising • Founded in 753 BC • Huge empire by 100 AD • Built a large network of roads for communication and to make it easy for armies to march

  15. Rome was a republic, a government in which citizens elect representatives to rule in their name • Rome conquered the Iberian and Balkan peninsulas • Because of turmoil in the country, Rome put aside its republic and began to be ruled by an emperor.

  16. Italy The Coliseum in Rome

  17. The invaders who overthrew Rome had no strong central government and so Italy eventually became divided into many small city-states. • In 1096, Christians launched the Crusades against the Muslims that were controlling Palestine. • Italians earned large profits by supplying ships for the Crusaders. • Italian states became rich and they grew powerful once again

  18. Vatican City Smallest populated nation. Have their own flag and currency

  19. Vatican St. Peters Basilica

  20. Vatican- Old painting

  21. Renaissance • Began in the Italian city-states • Time of renewed interest in learning and the arts that lasted from the 14th – 16th century • Renaissance ideas spread north to the rest of Europe

  22. The Renaissance started in Italy in the 1300’s with famous artists and inventors- such as: Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatelo, and Rafael

  23. Michaelangelo’s “Awakening Slave” & “Holy Family”

  24. Michaelangelo’s “Creation of Man” Painted on ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

  25. Rafael’s “Madonna”

  26. Leonardo DaVinci Artist & inventor

  27. ItalyVenice -Canals throughout the city (sinking)

  28. Venice Gondolas

  29. Leaning tower of Pisa

  30. Iberian Peninsula • Spain and Portugal established colonies throughout the Americas and elsewhere • They spread Catholicism and the Spanish and Portuguese language throughout the world

  31. Pyrenees MountainsPyrenees Mts. have isolated Iberian Pen. from Europe

  32. SPAIN

  33. Rock of GibraltarThe Rock of Gibraltar is famous for its strategic importance; it holds an underground military communication center and a naval base.

  34. From a different angle-