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Countering Challenges in Radio Advertising: A Complete Guide

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Countering Challenges in Radio Advertising: A Complete Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Radio advertising has a lot of benefits including targeting the audience according to any particular geographical location. Even though there are several challenges too but accredited and experienced radio advertising agency in Chennai will certainly cater you with the most result oriented solutions to get the desired results effortlessly. Check out this blog and discover the benefits of advertising on radio in detail. For more information visit our website:

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Countering Challenges in Radio Advertising:

A Complete Guide

According to a recent study, radio brags around 95% weekly reach among Indians, which is

much higher than the ones browsing through the internet or watching television. Radio is

still a great part of our culture and therefore comes out to be a practicable mode of

advertisement. However, advertising on radio in India is expensive in contrast to various

modern forms of advertising including search engine advertising on Bing or Google, on social

media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.




Let us now have a look at various benefits of radio advertising.


Radio is a Local Medium –There are numerous radio stations that only broadcast

the content related to a specific geographical location. So, it comes out to a perfect

medium to reach the local prospects efficiently.

Reach People with the Capability to Spend –Majority of the radio audience works

full time and listens to the radio during the time they commute to their work places.

And, every fulltime worker has the ability to spend.

Reach Targeted Audience Effortlessly –Over 90% of Indians tune into the radio

every day. So, it is more likely that the majority of your targeted audience will be

listening to the radio and will definitely hear your advertisement.

Target the Audience –Radio advertisement not only lets you target the audience by

a specific geographical location but can even target the ones based on listening

trends. There are dedicated channels for youngsters and old aged audiences.

When & How Often to Advertise?

The advertisements on the radio are usually split into different day parts. The best time to

run the advertisement is during the morning and evening commutes. The time slot from 6

AM to 10 AM and 5 PM to 8 PM brags the highest desirability level for broadcasting

advertisements. The day spot to run your advertisement must be chosen cautiously.

Usually, and obviously, the broadcast of advertisement during the peak slot are much higher

in contrast to the ones broadcasted during the other slots of the day. And, radio

advertisements are often more effective when run and heard by the listeners at the same

time every day.

Even though there is a multitude of platforms available for advertising but a professional

and experienced radio advertising agency in Chennai is well aware of the best way to do it

proficiently. Advertising through a newspaper, email, billboards, hoardings or social media is

available but advertising through radio is one of the most promising ways to communicate

your business message out there. However, pairing with the other forms of advertisements

will certainly have the biggest impact.