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Welcome to…RAIN

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Welcome to…RAIN. (the meeting formerly known as SPIN). Presented by: the folks in RDA, with today’s emcee, Deborah Golden-Eppelein. Date: January 19, 2012. Agenda. Deborah Golden-Eppelein. Intros Updates & timely information from the units:. RFDS CTO RGC SPA RATE ORIO. Guest

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Welcome to…RAIN

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    1. Welcome to…RAIN (the meeting formerly known as SPIN) Presented by: the folks in RDA, with today’s emcee, Deborah Golden-Eppelein Date: January 19, 2012

    2. Agenda Deborah Golden-Eppelein • Intros • Updates & timely information from the units: • RFDS • CTO • RGC • SPA • RATE • ORIO • Guest • Office of the VPR • TTBD • CRBO • Research HR • Q & A RAIN: 01.19.2012

    3. RFDS • Research Funding and Development Services RAIN: 01.19.2012

    4. RFDS: Research Funding and Development Services Katie Wilkes Introducing: Laura Blaney, Administrative Coordinator for Research Funding & Development Services RAIN: 01.19.2012

    5. CTO • Clinical Trials Office • Investigator Support & Integration Services (ISIS) RAIN: 01.19.2012

    6. ISIS: OCTRI Investigator Support & Integration Services Darlene Kitterman Clinical Research Management System (CRMS) Brown Bag • Save the date! February 10, 2012, 12 – 1 pm, Mac Hall 1162 • Roll-out timeline • Announce new name and naming contest winner • System demonstration RAIN: 01.19.2012

    7. RGC • Research Grants and Contracts RAIN: 01.19.2012

    8. RGC: OHSU Research Grants & Contracts Deborah Golden-Eppelein Salary Cap Update Through legislation signed by the President on 12/23/11, the salary cap has been reduced to $179,700 effective 12/23/11.  NIH, AHRQ and SAMSHA are under the salary cap. For all awards including non-competings, issued 10/1/11 through 12/22/11, the old salary cap remains in place. New applications and non-competing progress reports requiring budgets should use the new cap of $179,700. NIH anticipates that all awards will be reduced in fiscal year 2013 to the (a) lower cap. RAIN: 01.19.2012

    9. RGC: OHSU Research Grants & Contracts Deborah Golden-Eppelein ARRA Update Office of Management and Budget has issued new guidance requiring that all ARRA funds must be expended by 9/30/13. NIH and NSF have issued updates and will not approve no cost extensions past 2013. Revised award notices with this change in terms and conditions will be forthcoming. RAIN: 01.19.2012

    10. RGC: OHSU Research Grants & Contracts Kellie Guentert Submitting & Tracking Administrative Supplement Requests Electronically As you may be aware, NIH is piloting two programs for the electronic submission of administrative supplement (non-competing Type 3) requests, one through a "streamlined system" in the eRA Commons and one through Grants.gov for the benefit of researchers at system-to-system institutions. The open pilot programs will begin on February 1, 2012 (See NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-12-024). RAIN: 01.19.2012

    11. SPA • Sponsored Projects Administration RAIN: 01.19.2012

    12. SPA: OHSU Sponsored Projects Administration James Trotter TTBD Post-Award Account Redistribution All TTBD accounts will be redistributed amongst the analyst group effective February 1st.  This means that your “normal” SPA analyst will now handle the TTBD accounts as well.  http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/research/administration/sponsored-projects-administration/about/account-distribution-list.cfm RAIN: 01.19.2012

    13. SPA: OHSU Sponsored Projects Administration James Trotter OHSU/AFSCME Merit Based Pay Pilot Project SPA is participating in the Merit Based Pay pilot project.  There will be a brief survey sent to all ADFM, PDFM, CRCs and post award contacts for feedback on all of the SPA analysts.  RAIN: 01.19.2012

    14. SPA: OHSU Sponsored Projects Administration James Trotter Staffing Update Nancy Duncan is the new SPA Education Coordinator RAIN: 01.19.2012

    15. SPA: OHSU Sponsored Projects Administration James Trotter GR Expenditure Type Clarification The expenditure type GR-Parking is for IBS use only from the Parking service center.  The correct expenditure type to use is either GR-Travel-Domestic or GR-Miscellaneous Fees & Svc for AP use.  RAIN: 01.19.2012

    16. RATE • Research Administration Training & Education RAIN: 01.19.2012

    17. RATE: Research Administration Training & Education Margaret Gardner Upcoming Courses! Department Effort Coordinator (DEC) Training January 24, 2012 – Marquam Hill RDA 101: Introduction to Research Administration February 2, 2012 – Bancroft Building, South Waterfront Registration & Details on the RATE webpage: http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/research/administration/rate_courses.cfm RAIN: 01.19.2012

    18. ORIO • OHSU Research Integrity Office RAIN: 01.19.2012

    19. CoIR: OHSU Research Integrity Office Kara Drolet, PhD Conflict of Interest in Research Regulations Update • http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/research/about/integrity/coi/coir-regulation-changes.cfm RAIN: 01.19.2012

    20. Guest • Service Excellence Team RAIN: 01.19.2012

    21. Service Excellence Team Rachel Borsch, Bernie Delaney, Wencesley Paez & Angela Weaver Service Excellence Reward & Recognition ROSE Program Overview RAIN: 01.19.2012

    22. ROSE history Red ROSE - 1992 Golden ROSE - 2008 RAIN: 01.19.2012

    23. Service Excellence Reward & Recognition Team The mission of the Service Excellence Reward and Recognition Team is to identify and execute initiatives that will align service and operational excellence across all missions at OHSU. Alan Lines,(chair), Emergency Medicine Karen Alexander, Clinical Informatics Mike Bonazzola, Faculty Practice Plan Rachel Borsch, Research Administration Jason Christensen, Ambulatory Pharmacy Bernardine Delaney, Service Excellence Christine Flores, School of Medicine Gabe Flores, Service Excellence Meredith Jordan, Health System Marketing Tracy Lawson, Obstetrics & Gynecology Jami Momberger, Service Excellence Maureen Moncada, School of Nursing Peggy O’Neill, Family Medicine Wencesley Paez, Surgery Yen Pham, Inpatient Pharmacy Jamie Schaub, Facilities and Logistics Debi Stabler, Anesthesiology Sue Thompson, Parking Trina Timbreza, Volunteer Services Angela Weaver, CDRC RAIN: 01.19.2012

    24. Thank you! “Lisa has been wonderful in getting our requests fulfilled in timely manner. She is always wonderful to talk to, and very friendly. Definitely a very responsible worker and on top of everything. With her help, our lab functions much more efficient.” “Daniel has always been willing to help above and beyond his job. We had some animal care hit an account that put it into deficit. Daniel went to the trouble to cancel an invoice and re charge it to the correct account. He has always been there to help if something goes wrong. He could of told me I needed to do an adjustment form to move it. It is so nice to have someone like Daniel in a department you work with.” RAIN: 01.19.2012

    25. Golden ROSE Award nomination Irina has been enormously helpful to me (and by extension, my lab), for many months. I joined my lab in September. Much of the work I do is in molecular biology. Members of my lab focus on other areas, so they are not able to help me when I am stuck. Irina has unselfishly offered her time and shared her expertise. She's has gone through my data notebooks to help me comprehend and interpret my results when I have been uncertain. She has taken the time to help me understand things backwards and forwards. Moreover, she has helped me to learn to design primers and to place orders for oligo synthesis and sequencing from the research core here at OHSU. When I receive the results from the core, she has assisted me in the complex sequence analysis with the data generated. She has taken the time to show me how to use the software available for this purpose. All of this and this woman is not even in my lab! She does not benefit in anyway from helping me! She is a senior scientist with a Ph.D. and a staff of her own. I am a research assistant with my bachelor's degree, working for someone else. She has proven to be the most wonderful surprise here at CROET. In a world where you hear so much about self-involved scientists, pushing their own self-serving agendas, it is so nice to find a wonderful person so giving of her time and resources. I think she is an excellent example of how awesome OHSU can be. RAIN: 01.19.2012

    26. Five Pillars of Excellence Volunteering to stay late to help a co-worker perform her first organ procurement Taking the time to speak with a patient who was facing surgery to amputate his leg. Personally picking up bone marrow sample, and finding a cytogenetic diagnosis for critically ill infant Processing required documents that saved OHSU $25,000 Finding grant opportunity and spearheaded application process that resulted in obtaining grant GROWTH PEOPLE SERVICE QUALITY FINANCE H RAIN: 01.19.2012

    27. Pathways to Recognition Thank You card submitted GRA nomination submitted Meets Criteria No Forwarded to the manager/ supervisor Reviewed and ranked by SERRT Yes Posted on the ozone “Gifts of Gratitude” Ranked top 5 Awarded Red ROSE No Yes Awarded Golden ROSE RAIN: 01.19.2012

    28. Golden ROSE Award Monthly ceremony Next ceremony, Wednesday, January 25th All OHSU faculty and staff are invited to attend When:4th Wednesday of the month Where: BICC Gallery Time: noon-1:00pm RAIN: 01.19.2012

    29. President’s Award President’s Award recipients Sylvia Jung (2011) Dr. Hugo Richardson (2010) Lynne Hill (2009) RAIN: 01.19.2012

    30. Nominate today! Phone: 503-494-0123 Online: Nomination form: http://ozone.ohsu.edu/communications/goldenrose/ RAIN: 01.19.2012

    31. Thank you! Questions? Comments? For more information please contact: Rachel Borsch 4-0091, borschr@ohsu.edu Alan Lines 4-4322, linesa@ohsu.edu Bernie Delaney 8-8397, delaneyb@ohsu.edu RAIN: 01.19.2012

    32. Wrap Up Everyone Q & A Next Meeting: February 16, 2012 9:30 AM Send agenda item requests to: rain@ohsu.edu Or use the feedback form at: http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/research/administration/rain.cfm RAIN: 01.19.2012