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  1. Weather

  2. What is weather? • The state of the atmosphere and air; heat or cold, wet or dry, calm or storm, wind, pressure, cloudiness or clearness, moisture, pressure, temperature and the condition of the atmosphere; warm, cold, dry, wet • There are also extremes: tornadoes, hurricanes, high winds, monsoons, blizzards

  3. Important Vocabulary Temperature: the degree of hotness or coldness in the environment, measured by a thermometer degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius -Gabriel Fahrenheit set the freezing point at 32 degrees and boiling at 212 degrees Barometric Pressure: force exerted on objects by the weight of the atmosphere above, the air around and above us does weigh down on us

  4. Important Vocabulary Humidity: the amount of water vapor in the air Climate: the long term weather conditions in a certain area including precipitation, temperature, humidity, wind ect. Precipitation: liquid or solid water that forms in the sky and falls to the ground Cloud: cluster of tiny water or ice particles in the atmosphere Forecast: description of the conditions expected that day and the following

  5. Important Vocabulary Thunderstorm: a storm with lightening and thunder that is formed by cumulonimbus clouds, with big winds, hail and heavy rain Hurricane: gather heat and energy through contact with warm waters, when it comes to land it creates strong winds, heavy rain and large damaging waves Tornado: violent rotating column of air, in contact with ground

  6. Important Vocabulary Fog: cloudlike layer of water droplets or ice crystals near the earth surface that affects visibility Drought: a period of dry weather; no rain Condensation: process where a vapor becomes a liquid or a solid; opposite of evaporation Hail: precipitation in the form of ice made by layers of ice