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Yammer Training Guide– Facilitator’s Notes

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Yammer Training Guide– Facilitator’s Notes. Purpose

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yammer training guide facilitator s notes
Yammer Training Guide– Facilitator’s Notes


This presentation provides an overview of Yammer to help new users get started. This is meant to be a slide library, so please pick and pull what is appropriate for your audience. Update the text in green to reflect your network. Add screenshots of your network to build familiarity with Yammer. Check the Notes sections for more information.

Note: Review Yaminar video channel for more Yammer information.

  • As you begin, it may help to get an assessment of the room and your audience’s familiarity with social media and technology. Questions to consider:
  • How many of your audience are on Facebook? On LinkedIn? On Twitter?
  • What about social media for the workplace?
  • Not only is social media now a dominant form of communication, but enterprise software is finally catching up to consumer web. Yammer’s goal is to bring that convenience and utility into the workplace, to help improve the way people and companies work, collaborate and coordinate.


{Presenter Name} — {Company Name}


Understand the importance of ESN

Successfully navigate Yammer to find information

Understand how to get started on Yammer

Follow group best practices

Effectively engage in conversations

Collaborate on content in Yammer

Use Yammer on your mobile device

Know what to share and where to share it

technology is evolving
Technology is evolving…

Communication is the same

social is driving a new way of doing business
Social is driving a new way of doing business.

Organizations see a 20%to25%boost in productivity with social technologies such as Yammer.

Source: McKinsey, The Social Economy

sound familiar
Sound familiar?

I’m new to the company. Where can I find…?

Who’s handling this account?

Who can help me with this project?

Does anyone have experience with….

What are common objections from prospects?

Who’s going to the conference?

What’s our protocol for engaging with…

Anyone know a good tax lawyer?

Where can I find the latest travel policy information?

The competition’s up to this. What do we do?

that s where yammer fits in
That’s where Yammer fits in!

Yammer is the private and secure enterprise social network through which [COMPANY] employees connect, collaborate and coordinate.

Yammer makes work:

  • Real-time
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Collaborative
  • Contextual
yammer helps y ou to
Yammer helps you to…

Ask questions and find answers faster

Save time by sharing great projects and preventing duplicate work

Meet colleagues with similar interests and relevant expertise

Share news and announcements with the people who need to know

Discuss major decisions and prepare for change

Gather opinions and ideas from across the company

Coordinate work for projects and teams

Gain visibility and insight on what’s happening, and where

Introduce new hires and get them up to speed quickly

Discover valuable information that can help you get more done

Stay connected on-the-go with Yammer mobile apps

key yammer spaces
Key Yammer Spaces









home feed
Home Feed


Review your company’s usage policy

Be sure to select the right group when posting

Choose from Top, All, & Following

inbox messages
Inbox Messages


Create a conversation

  • See:
  • Announcements
  • @mentions/ cc’s
  • Conversations you’ve joined or followed
  • Private Messages


  • See everything
  • Your Groups


  • View Bookmarked conversations
  • See your conversations & content
  • Bio & profile
yammer notifications
Yammer Notifications
  • Inbox notifications
  • Replies to conversations you started and joined
  • Private Messages
  • @mentions
  • +Add people to notify
  • Announcements
  • General notifications
  • People Like your message
  • Votes on your Polls
  • Invitations to collaborate on a Note
  • New versions of Files and Notes
  • Network notifications
  • Sum of Inbox and General Notifications from External Networks
  • Group notifications
  • The number of unread messages in that group since the last time you visited
please log in to yammer
Please Log In to Yammer
  • Go to www.Yammer.com to log-in

Select Log In

Type your work email & Yammer Password

Click Log In

forgot your password
Forgot your Password?
  • Go to www.Yammer.com to log-in

Click Forgot Password

Yammer will email you a reset link

complete your profile
Complete your Profile

Click Edit Profile

Add your Job Title, Department and Location,include your Expertise


Yam Tip: Everything on your profile is searchable!

set email notifications
Set Email Notifications

Select when Yammer emails you

set group notifications
Set Group Notifications

Select group messages you’d like sent to you via email












groups let you get work done
Groups Let You Get Work Done

Groups host conversations, files, notes, and can be created around a team, department, task, or project.

Join groups to participate in conversations, collaborate on files, and stay aware of what’s going on.

what lives w ithin a group
What Lives Within a Group?

View all Conversations, Files, & Notes posted to the group.

View all the members of the Group.


Quickly access Files, Notes or Links.

identify groups to join
Identify Groups to Join

Join groups that your colleagues are creating

Join groups in which your colleagues are having conversations that are relevant to you


Browse for groups

join groups
Join Groups

Click Groups to search existing Groups in the network.

Browse Groups in the AllGroups tab or see suggested groups to join in the Suggested tab.

create a group for your team
Create a Group for Your Team

Click the to create a new group

Add a group name

Specify who should use the group and why

Select Public or Private


group admin privileges
Group Admin Privileges

Populate the Group’s Info Tab


Make Announcementsto send a message to all Group members

  • Network Admins can make an Announcement to any group, including All Company.
  • Group Admins can make an Announcement to their group.
  • Group members see the Announcement at the top of the Home Feed and in their Inbox.
  • All Company Announcements generate an email to all network members.
group admin settings
Group Admin Settings

Update the Group Image, Name, and Description

Manage Group Members and Admins

Change the Group’s Privacy Settings


start conversations in groups
Start Conversations in Groups

Think about which group is most relevant for the post.

Share an Updateor post another kind of message, like a Poll or Praise.

@mention colleagues within the message to send it to their Yammer Inbox.

before you create a group
Before you create a group…

Ensure there is not already a relevant group that meets your purpose. 

Make certain that you can clearly articulate the purpose of the group and measure its success.

Identify a person/team to oversee the group’s strategy, content and membership.

set the tone
Set the Tone

Document the goals, expectations, purpose and roles within the group.

Illustrate that the group is a place for collaborative sharing among all members.

Encourage participation from all members through @mentioning.

Welcome new members and ask for them to provide an update upon joining.

nurture your group
Nurture your Group

Never leave a post un-answered!

Upload Files and Notes to add context.

Use Announcements for important updates.

Use Notes to capture key conversation points.

Share relevant posts to your group.

Always Reply



Add Context

keep the pulse alive
Keep the Pulse Alive

Share updates on projects to provide transparency into activities.

Ensure members understandwhat to post and whereto post it.

Mine the group for relevant and insightful conversations to share with others.

Cross-pollinate useful information as much as possible.

Refresh and update group content on a regular basis.

If a group becomes stale, do not delete it! Consolidate the relevant content to another active group and mark the old group as inactive.

successful g roups
Successful Groups

Have a clear purpose.

Tackle a real business challenge with measurable outcomes.

Have a logical name, description and info tab.

Enable discovery and collaboration across teams.

Demonstrate value for participating employees.

Have leadership endorsement and participation.

Have supporting resources and training materials.

Plan & execute engagement events.

Effectively transition email based conversations to the group.

public groups
Public Groups

What’s a Public Group?

Working in a Public Group is like working in a conference room with all glass walls and an open door.

Any employee in your Network can see conversations, Files and Notes in a Public Group.

Engagement Tip:

Use Public Groups as the default. Create a Private Group only when necessary.

private groups
Private Groups

What’s a Private Group?

Working in a Private Group is like working in a traditional conference room with a closed door.

Only employees who have been added as Members can see conversations, Files and Notes in a Private Group.

Collaboration Tip:

If your team starts out in a Private Group, discuss switching to a Public Group every few months.

search before you post
Search Before You Post

Type your query in the search bar and select an auto result…

…or press Enter and see full results

Use Advanced Search to search within a specific group or between a date range

start conversations in groups1
Start Conversations in Groups

Navigate to a Group

Start typing in the Share something with this group box

@mention colleagues within the message to add the conversation to their Yammer Inbox

reply to the appropriate person
Reply to the Appropriate Person

Notify specific people as a cc: or an FYI

Reply to a specific person within a thread by clicking the Reply link beneath the message

work with conversations
Work with Conversations

Attach Files and Notes to your messages

Like a message to acknowledge it, like it or say thank you

Shareto cross-post the conversation to another Group or in a Private Message

work with conversations1
Work with Conversations

Click the More button to see additional options

Only you and a Network or Group Admin can delete your post

add topics to conversations
Add Topics to Conversations

Select More > Add Topic

Reply with a #hashtag

post different types of messages
Post Different Types of Messages

Polls allow you to quickly get anonymous feedback on up to 10 choices

Praise allows you to recognize your colleagues for going above and beyond with different badges

Announcements are for Admins only and go into the inbox of every group member ensuring the update is not missed

bookmark important conversations
Bookmark Important Conversations

Save conversations for quick reference later

To add a Bookmark, select More > Bookmark

View your Bookmarks from your Profile

use keyboard shortcuts
Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to use Yammer even faster!

Type question mark (?) [Shift] + [/] to show these shortcuts


Create a Note and share on your network for reference

hide conversations
Hide Conversations

Keep your My Feed free of irrelevant conversations

Hover over the thread starter to see the X, and select it to hide conversation

If you are later @mentioned in the thread, the conversation will appear in your Inbox again

translate conversations
Translate Conversations

Communicate without barriers

Click translate to change the message to your Yammer UI language

create notes
Create Notes

Create a Note from the appropriate group


view edit notes
View & Edit Notes

Edit this Note to add your comments, ideas and questions

Use Rich Text formatting


Invite others to collaborate

related content is the new subfolder
Related Content is the New Subfolder

Use Related Content to connect Notes, Files, and Links instead of subfolders

Link to another Note or a File to automatically connect all as Related Content


add view files
Add & View Files

Use the Paperclip to attach a File or Note to your post

Hover over a File or Note to Preview it, Follow it, Share it, or Go to it


collaborate with files
Collaborate with Files

View full screen, email, or download files

Add and Reply to in-line comments

Add Related Files and Notes from other groups

upload new versions of files
Upload New Versions of Files

Upload a New Version of a file

Mark a file as Official if you are the Group Admin

View the Version History of a file

reply to email notifications
Reply to Email Notifications

Reply to incoming Yammer emails to post your messages to Yammer

when emailing to yammer
When Emailing to Yammer…

End your message with - - to prevent your signature from posting to Yammer

start group conversations via email
Start Group Conversations via Email

Navigate to the group you want to email

Scroll down to access options


Yam Tip: Save the email address to your contacts.

include p eople not on yammer
Include People not on Yammer

Add your colleagues email address to your message


Yam Tip: People not on Yammer can reply to your email and post messages to Yammer.

continue the conversation on yammer
Continue the Conversation on Yammer

Forward your email as normal, with the group email address in the “to” section

Email chain becomes a PDF attachment

install the yammer mobile app
Install the Yammer Mobile App
  • Visit your mobile device’s App marketplace and install the Yammer app

Windows Phone 8



log in to yammer
Log In to Yammer
  • Enter your user name and password to access your Yammer Network


Windows Phone 8


keep up with the conversation
Keep up with the Conversation
  • Use the mobile app to view conversations across your various networks and groups



Windows Phone 8

share photos
Share Photos
  • Upload new or existing photos to your group from your mobile device

Click the Camera icon

Add a new post

mobile inbox
Mobile Inbox

Sort by Read or Unread messages

Send Private Messages

Search messages you’re a part of

browse the network
Browse the Network

See Top Conversations

Stay in touch with Groups

consider what to share
Consider What to Share

Start conversations by sharing what you’re working on

  • Questions and requests for help
  • Replies offering assistance
  • Great ideas and constructive suggestions
  • Updates on teamwork and projects
  • Interesting articles about trends or factors affecting the business
  • Useful information that’s relevant
  • Inappropriate jokes or derogatory criticisms
  • Anything that violates your company’s Usage Policy
  • Anything you would not feel comfortable sharing with your manager
  • Anything you would not feel comfortable sharing with your mother

Sharing may be caring, but beware of the overshare!

what about non work related conversations
What About Non Work-Related Conversations?

Create a Group where non-work related conversations can take place

Great for water cooler conversations

Keeps non-work related discussions where they need to be

Users can choose whether or not to follow this Group’s activity

what s next start your yammer experience
What’s next? Start your Yammer experience!

Create a “Yammer 101” Group on your network.

View, download and share content from the Success Site to your “Yammer 101” Group

Review and use resources, such as:

  • New User Checklist
  • Ready Set Go
  • Yaminars

Post, shareand collaborate on the YCN

Get Yammer Certified