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Advanced SWIS Facilitator Training

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Advanced SWIS Facilitator Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advanced SWIS Facilitator Training. October 17, 2007 Rosemont, IL Anne Todd, Nadia Katul Sampson, Celeste Rossetto Dickey University of Oregon. Agenda. 10-12 Welcome, New Features 12-1:30 Lunch 1:30-2:15 Individual Student Reports & FBA 2:15-3:00 Roles & Responsibilities

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Presentation Transcript
advanced swis facilitator training

Advanced SWIS Facilitator Training

October 17, 2007

Rosemont, IL

Anne Todd, Nadia Katul Sampson, Celeste Rossetto Dickey

University of Oregon

  • 10-12 Welcome, New Features
  • 12-1:30 Lunch
  • 1:30-2:15 Individual Student Reports & FBA
  • 2:15-3:00 Roles & Responsibilities
  • 3-3:15 Break
  • 3:15-4:00 Data Integration & Questions
share your ideas
Share Your Ideas
  • What do you need to stay current with SWIS?
  • What Ideas do you have for the Extra Info Categories?
  • Are there Features you’d like to request?

(Write down your questions/comments)

new swis features
New SWIS Features
  • Definitions updated & New Problem Behaviors added
  • Calendar popup
  • Extra information categories defined
  • Credit Card payment
new swis features cont
New SWIS Features Cont.
  • Data Integrity Report Corrections
  • Adding New Staff & Students
  • Referral entry: Grade level & IEP status
  • SAMI
  • CICO
new problem behavior categories
New Problem Behavior Categories
  • Problem behaviors
    • Minors
      • Dress Code
      • Tardy
      • Information and other Electronic Technology Violations
    • Majors
      • Inappropriate displays of affection
      • Information and other electronic technology violations
      • Gang Affiliation Display Student uses gesture, dress, and/or speech to display affiliation with a gang.
  • Locations
    • Stadium
    • Out of bounds
extra information fields
Extra Information Fields
  • School specific definable categories and labels
  • Definable in School Preferences
    • Click display,
    • Define category,
    • Define labels to choose within each category,
    • Determine the order the drop down label should appear during data entry,
    • Define identifier that will be used for district integration mapping
    • Write description of label for data entry consistency
  • Merge
    • (swis 4.0 extra information data with swis 4.2 new labels)
  • Delete
credit card payment
Credit Card Payment
  • SWIS can now be paid for with a Charge Card (Visa or Mastercard)
sami swis account management interface
SAMISWIS Account Management Interface

SAMI allows Facilitators to make changes to their SWIS™ schools ONLINE without sending in a School Information Change Form.

  • School Management
  • School Summary
    • Integrity report
    • Report status
  • Billing Summary
  • Facilitator information updates
check in check out
Check In Check Out
  • CICO data collection and reporting application
  • Must have a SWIS account
    • Will cost additional $50 annually for CICO
  • Development and deployment timeline
    • Summer ’07: development and beta testing
    • Fall ’07: further testing
    • November ’07: determine next steps for deployment

Student Recommended for CICO

Check In Check Out (CICO)

CICO is Implemented

CICO Coordinator

Summarizes Data

For Decision Making





Regular Teacher


Bi-weekly SST Meeting

to Assess Student









CICO Record

Name: ____________________________ Date: ______________

2 = great 1 = OK 0= hard time



CICO Home Report

Name: _____________________________ Date: _____________

______ I met my goal today ______ I had a hard day

One thing I did really well today was: ________________________________

Something I will work on tomorrow is: ________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________________________________


swis cico readiness
SWIS-CICO Readiness
  • School has an Active SWIS Account and SWIS Facilitator
  • Faculty and staff commitment for CICO implementation is confirmed
  • A team is defined to coordinate CICO program and use data for decision-making
swis cico readiness15
SWIS-CICO Readiness
  • The team has scheduled meetings and the data needed for decision making for students using CICO
  • A CICO Coordinator is trained as a SWIS user
swis cico readiness16
SWIS-CICO Readiness
  • School has CICO program features including:
    • description of program,
    • daily report card for student,
    • a data system for decision making,
    • a coordinator,
    • a process for identifying students, and
    • process/materials for training adults, students, families

Student Management

Goal is defined here


Choices on drop down list include

    • Absent
    • No data
    • No school
    • 0-10 possible points
  • Use preferences to define the period names and define how many points are possible per period.
    • If rating 3 school expectations on a 0-2 scale, there are 6 possible points per period, if rating 5 expectations on a 0-2 scale, there are 10 possible points per period