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Getting Started with Yammer – Facilitator’s Notes PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting Started with Yammer – Facilitator’s Notes

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Getting Started with Yammer – Facilitator’s Notes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting Started with Yammer – Facilitator’s Notes. Purpose This presentation provides an overview of Yammer to help new users get started. Please feel free to adapt this and use your own corporate branding if you like. Add screenshots of your network to build familiarity with Yammer.

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getting started with yammer facilitator s notes
Getting Started with Yammer – Facilitator’s Notes


This presentation provides an overview of Yammer to help new users get started. Please feel free to adapt this and use your own corporate branding if you like.Add screenshots of your network to build familiarity with Yammer.

Note: Review Vimeo & YouTube video channels for more Yammer information.

  • As you begin, it may help to get an assessment of the room and your audience’s familiarity with social media and technology. Questions to consider:
  • How many of your audience are on Facebook? On LinkedIn? On Twitter?
  • What about social media for the workplace?
  • Not only is social media now a dominant form of communication, but enterprise software is finally catching up to consumer web. Yammer’s goal is to bring that convenience and utility into the workplace, to help improve the way people and companies work, collaborate and coordinate.
getting started

Getting Started

{Presenter Name} — {Company Name}

technology is evolving
Technology is evolving…

Communication is the same

the communications technology revolution
The Communications Technology Revolution

Fueled by mobile technology, more people are now using social networking websites than email or web portals.

Line chart showing

Social > Email

Line chart showing

Social > Email



Time spent online

# users







  • 800million Facebook users with over 100billion connections
  • 300 million Twitter users with 1 billion tweets every 4 days
  • 488 million mobile devices v417million PCs shipped in 2011

Sources: Comscore, Forrester Research

sound familiar
Sound familiar?

I’m new to the company. Where can I find…?

Who’s handling this account?

Who can help me with this project?

Does anyone have experience with….

What are common objections from prospects?

Who’s going to the conference?

What’s our protocol for engaging with…

Anyone know a good tax lawyer?

Where can I find the latest travel policy information?

The competition’s up to this. What do we do?

that s w here yammer fits in
That’s where Yammer fits in!

Yammer makes work:

  • Real-time
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Collaborative
  • Contextual

Yammer is the private and secure enterprise social network through which [COMPANY] employees connect, collaborate and coordinate.

yammer helps you to
Yammer helps you to…
  • Ask questions and find answers faster
  • Save time by sharing great projects and preventing duplicate work
  • Meet colleagues with similar interests and relevant expertise
  • Share news and announcements with the people who need to know
  • Discuss major decisions and prepare for change
  • Gather opinions and ideas from across the company
  • Coordinate work for projects and teams
  • Gain visibility and insight on what’s happening, and where
  • Introduce new hires and get them up to speed quickly
  • Discover valuable information that can help you get more done
  • Stay connected on-the-go with Yammer mobile apps
log in to yammer
Log-in to Yammer
  • Go to to log-in

Select Sign-in

Type your work email, and your Yammer password

Select Forgot Password and Yammer will email you your password

Select Sign-in

complete your profile
Complete your Profile
  • Share your background and expertise

Select Edit Account

Add your Job Title, Department and Location. Include your Expertise.


Avoid acronyms or jargon, so everyone can understandand search successfully.

complete your profile1
Complete your Profile
  • Let others know who you are and what you can do – not just what your title says you can do

The About You section is your Biography, and lets people know more about who you are and what you do

Download a Contact Card with your colleague’s information

Add your contact information so your colleagues know how to reach you

set n otifications
Set Notifications
  • Decide when and about what Yammer will notify you via email

Select Edit Account

Select Notificationsto view and to update your settings. Don’t forget to select Save.

set notifications
Set Notifications

Receive a Yammer Daily or Weekly Digest

Un-check email Notifications that you do not want to receive

set notifications1
Set Notifications

Select the Group Notifications that you want to receive in real-time via email or text

understand my feed
Understand My Feed
  • My Feed lets you connect with the most relevant content in your network

Top Conversations surfaces the most relevant content to you based on your activity

Select the Gear and Yammer will remember your feed viewing preference

Following shows you only conversations involving People, Groups and Topics that you follow

search for content before y ou post
Search for Content Before you Post
  • Type in a search term to see whathas already been shared

View different types of search results on each Tab

Use Advanced Search to search within a Group or date range

join companyname groups
  • Groups can be focused around a topic, project, department or team.













Anyone can join and participate

Information posted to your My Feed

Membership may be restricted

Closed for sensitive conversations

Must receive invitation or accepted upon request

Listed or unlisted

join groups
Join Groups

Search for Groupsthat you want to +Join

  • Groups let you collaborate & coordinate

If you search and don’t find a Group, click Create New Group to make one!

Select Groupsto view Suggested Groups, My Groups or All Groups tabs and join groups

follow people
Follow People
  • Follow key people in your organization to receive relevant information



Share upcoming team goals

Connect staff with other teams

Manage projects

Communicate global strategy

Gather feedback about policies

Recognize performers

Share project status

Collaborate on latest version of files

Share and discuss links



Follow anyone in your company to learn what they do.

follow people1
Follow People
  • The conversations in which they participate will appear in your My Feed

Select People to see everyone in your network or People you are following

Select to +Follow

install mobile apps and yammer desktop
Install Mobile Apps and Yammer Desktop
  • Access Yammer at your desk or on the go!







Share pictures from your phone using the Yammer app



1 start conversations
1 Start Conversations…
  • Use @mentioning and + Add people to notify to loop-in the right people

Start a Conversation

+Add people to notifyto notify specific people about a conversation or to ask for their input

@mention others an FYI or include in the conversation

2 and join conversations
2 …And Join Conversations
  • Like, Reply, Share conversations to join in

Like if you like it, to acknowledge it, or to say thank you

Replyto a specific person within a Conversation thread

Sharea Conversation with another group or in a Private Message


Shy in getting started? Observe and “Like” first

3 post different kinds of messages
3 Post Different Kinds of Messages
  • Post a Poll, give Praise, ask Questions, promote Events

Use a Yammer App to enrich your post

Announcementsare for Admins

  • Ask a Question
  • Ask questions, get answers and find them in a searchable knowledge base.
  • Post an Event
  • Create events, invite colleagues, collect RSVPs. Add events to calendars.
  • Post a Poll
  • Create a quick Poll and ask colleagues to vote on the best option.
  • Praise Someone
  • Recognize your colleagues for jobs well done by issuing Praise.
4 send a private message
4 Send a Private Message
  • Communicate privately with one or a few colleagues using Private Messages via your Inbox

Manage Unread Conversations and reply to Private Messagethrough your Inbox

5 add and follow topics
5 Add and Follow Topics
  • Search and follow Topics that are important or of interest to you

Search for aTopic

Then Follow or Share it


Add Topics by typing a hashtag (#), or later by selecting More > Add Topic

Hover over a Topic to Edit.

6 add files and notes
6 Add Files and Notes
  • Add Files and Notes to New Conversations and to Replies

Use the Paperclipto attach a File or Note to your post

Hover over a File or Note to +Preview it, +Follow it, Share it, or Go to it

Create a Note and Linkto a Person, Web Address, another Fileor Note

7 collaborate with files and notes
7Collaborate with Files and Notes
  • Add Related Content and in-line Comments

Downloadthe document, Emailit,Upload a New Version, Deleteor View Fullscreen

Addand Replyto in-line comments, Draw, Highlight

Add Related Files andNotes from other Groups

8 start conversations with online now
8 Start Conversations with Online Now
  • Online Now works with Private Messages to let you quickly start private discussions with other employees

Searchfor colleagues to see if they are Online Now

Select the icon to minimize all chat windows; sends messages to Inbox

Green tells you which of your colleagues is Online Now

Select the icon to add others to the Online Now conversation

9 discover with the activity ticker
9 Discover with the Activity Ticker
  • Discover relevant content across the company as itis happening, including Note editing, File uploading, and activity from third-party business applications.

Hover over any activity story to learn more and get involved

Manage activity from other business applications, including SharePoint, and Salesforce

10 pin content to network groups
10 Pin Content to Network & Groups

Company Resources displays Files and Pages that an Admin has added.

NetworkAdminscan pin Files or Pages to Company Resources.

Group Admins can pin Files and Notes to the Quick Access area within a Group.

consider w hat to s hare
Consider What to Share
  • Start conversations by sharing what you are working on

What Should I Post?

What Shouldn’t I Post?

  • Questions and requests for help
  • Replies offering assistance
  • Ideas and constructive suggestions
  • Updates on teamwork and projects
  • Interesting articles about trends or factors affecting the business
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Useful information thatis relevant
  • Inappropriate jokes or derogatory criticisms
  • Anything that violates your company Usage Policy
  • Anything you would not feel comfortable sharing with your manager
  • Anything you would not feel comfortable sharing with your mother

Sharing is caring, but beware of the overshare!

who would y ou r ather f ollow
Who Would You Rather Follow?
  • Be constructive and helpful. Move the conversation forward.

Natalie Post, Project Manager

Eric Relevant, Team Leader

  • “Where can I find the latest version of our capabilities brief?
  • “The Wall Street Journal composed this article about our competitor. Highlights:”
  • “Great work by our development team: here’s to another banner quarter!”
  • “I’m having a tough time negotiating fees with a vendor. Any advice?”
  • “Thanks for the post. Sure, I can help you with your Q3 budget. Let’s meet.”
  • “Look at what I ate for lunch! It may look like beef but it’s actually turkey.”
  • “I know this violates client confidentiality but I just have to share this mockup.”
  • “What kind of approach is that? That’s not my fault. Your decision stinks.”
  • “I’m bored. Anyone want to go get a coffee?”
  • “Does anyone know a good podiatrist? I have this weird rash on my foot.”

Sharing is caring, but beware of the overshare!

what about non work related c onversations
What About NonWork-Related Conversations?

Create a Group where non-work related conversations can take place

Great for water cooler conversations

Keeps non-work related discussions where they need to be

Users can choose whether or not to follow this Group’s activity

what s n ext start your yammer experience
What’s next? Start your Yammer experience!

Create a “New to Yammer” Group on your network.

Join YammerU

View, download and share content from YammerU to your “New to Yammer” Group

Review and use resources

New User Checklist

Building Your My Feed

Lead a Yammer Event

Post, shareand collaborate on YammerU

Get Yammer Certified

use keyboard s hortcuts
Use Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Use these shortcuts to use Yammer even faster!

Type question mark (?) [Shift]+[/] to show these shortcuts.


Create a Note and share on your network for reference

bookmark important c onversations
Bookmark Important Conversations
  • Save conversations for quick reference later

To add a Bookmark, select More > Bookmark

View your Bookmarks from your Profile

hide conversations
Hide conversations
  • Keep your My Feed free of irrelevant conversations

Hover over the thread starter to see the X, and select it to Hide Conversation


If you are later @mentioned in the thread, the conversation will appear in your Inbox again