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Chapter 17
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Chapter 17

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  1. Chapter 17 Manifest Destiny and its Legacy

  2. Summary Territorial Expansion dominates American politics in the 1840s Settlers swarm into still disputed Oregon Territory upsetting tensions with G.B Annexing Texas frustrated Mexico Looking at California also upsets tensions between the U.S and Mexico Newly gained lands raise questions about the spread of slavery

  3. Presidential Harrison contracts pneumonia very early in his presidency in 1841 He dies after only 4 weeks in the office John Tyler is the next in line for office A “Virginia gentleman of the old school, yet stubbornly attached to principle”

  4. Tyler He previously resigned from the Senate rather than accept “distasteful” instructions from Virginia legislature He could not stand the “dictorial tactics” of Jackson An ex-Democrat who was still largely a Democrat at heart

  5. John Tyler

  6. Gone to Texas Texas was a lead issue in the Presidential campaign of 1844 Foes of expansion assailed annexation, while southern hotheads cried “Texas or Disunion” Pro-expansion Democrats under James K. Polk triumphed over Whigs and Henry Clay

  7. Tyler’s work Tyler wanted so secure Texas and did not want to get two-thirds vote in the Senate So he arranges for annexation by a joint resolution Only need a simple majority now in both houses of Congress

  8. It passed Resolution passes in 1845 and Texas is invited to become the 28th state Tyler as president video

  9. Manifest Destiny “The idea that the nation had a God-given right to all of North America” Term was first used by a newspaper editor John L. O’Sullivan Most Americans gave little thought to how manifest destiny would affect peoples already living in regions to be added to the United States

  10. Tyler: A President without a party Whigs get big victory and their platform is one of nationalism Financial reform comes first Whigs wanted to pass a law ending the independent treasury system What did we learn about James Polk and what he later wants to do?

  11. Clay next drives through Congress a bill for a new Bank of the United States Tyler does not want this however, and he vetoes the bill on practical and constitutional grounds A drunken mob gathers late at night near the White House and wants the to do away with the vetoe

  12. Whigs are stunned by his veto So Whigs pass another bill providing for a “Fiscal Corporation” But the president vetoes this as well! Democrats are very happy about this Whig extremists condemn Tyler and he even gets death threats

  13. A serious attempt to impeach him was brought to the House of Representatives Another bill is passed on tariffs and Tyler does not like a protective tariff, but he knows theres a need for additional revenue So he signs it into law in 1842