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7 Dental Care Tips

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7 Dental Care Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Follow these Dental care tips for a healthy mouth and gum. Talk to a dentist for more information : http://www.drpaulsdentalclinic.com/

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importance of dental care
Importance of Dental care
  • Oral hygiene contributes to the overall health of the body
  • Good oral and dental hygiene can help to prevent dental diseases, improve your appearance and quality of life
7 dental care tips to follow
7 Dental Care Tips to Follow
  • Brushing twice a day
  • Proper brushing using the right tooth brush
  • Regular flossing
  • Avoid too much sugar
  • Stay away from tobacco
  • Use fluoride tooth paste
  • Regular visit to the Dentist
brushing twice a day
Brushing twice a day
  • Keep your teeth plaque free by brushing for 2 minutes twice a day
  • Regular brushing helps to prevent the bacterial build-up of plaque
proper brushing using the right tooth brush
Proper brushing using the right tooth brush
  • Better to choose a tooth brush with soft bristles. Small headed brushes are the best to reach every corner of your mouth.
proper brushing using the right tooth brush 1
Proper brushing using the right tooth brush
  • Take care to cover both the interior and exterior surface of the teeth covering the gums. Don't forget the roof of the teeth and the tongue surface.
regular flossing
Regular flossing
  • It is important to completely remove the plaque and the food particles between the teeth. Regular flossing helps for this and it helps preventing gum diseases.
avoid too much sugar
Avoid too much sugar
  • Too much usage of sugar leads to acid production and hence teeth cavities.
  • Decrease sugar intake for a healthy mouth and healthy body
stay away from tobacco
Stay away from tobacco
  • Tobacco is one of the main reasons of periodontal diseases and oral cancer.
use fluoride tooth paste
Use fluoride tooth paste
  • Fluoride tooth paste helps to renovate the tooth enamel and also it helps to prevent cavities.
regular visit to the dentist
Regular visit to the Dentist
  • Prevention is better than cure.
  • Regular visits to a dental specialist can help you prevent dental problems and maintain a healthy body. Also minor infections can be identified and treated earlier
poor dental hygiene can lead to serious health

Poor Dental hygiene can lead to serious health problems.

  • Maintain a proper oral health –Maintain a healthy body – Lead a healthy life