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Easy Tips for Dental Care PowerPoint Presentation
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Easy Tips for Dental Care

Easy Tips for Dental Care

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Easy Tips for Dental Care

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  1. Easy Tips for Dental Care

  2. There’s a lot of good reasons to keep your family’s dental health in good shape. Not only will you enjoy brighter smiles and healthier immune systems, you’ll also spend less on dental treatments. Although family dental care can be a tedious challenge to overcome, these ten tips from our dentists in Newport News, VA will help keep everyone in your household safe from oral health issues.

  3. 1. Replace Toothbrushes Regularly Brushing twice a day is pointless if your toothbrushes are covered in germs. The American Centers of Disease Control and Prevention suggests that households replace their toothbrushes once every three to four months.

  4. 2. Keep Floss in your Home Brushing your teeth regularly is only half of the battle. Without flossing twice, a day, plaque and bacteria have a perfect opportunity to nestle between your teeth and eat away at enamel. Flossing regularly may feel like a chore, but you’ll be proud of your effort when your dentist compliments you (and your family) on how clean everyone’s teeth looks.

  5. 3. Make Regular Trips to the Dentist If your family’s teeth are in good health, twice annual trips to your dental care professional is adequate to keep your teeth clean and prevent cavities. People in your household who smoke or struggle with persistent cavities, however, should consider scheduling regular cleanings more frequently.

  6. 4. Avoid Tobacco There’s a reason smokers have to visit the dentist more often than non-smokers. Cigarettes can single-handedly ruin your oral health by causing mouth sores, gum disease, and oral cancer to name a few side effects. Avoid the side-effects of tobacco use by staying away from snuff, cigarettes, and dip.

  7. 5. Reduce your Intake of Sugar-Rich Foods Some of the most popular foods today include candies, sodas, and processed “junk food.” Despite their good taste, these snacks increase your family’s potential of contracting cavities. If your kids love sugar, try substituting their normal sugary snacks for healthier alternatives like dark chocolate and fruit.

  8. 6.Enforce Mouth Guards Your kids may not like the way they look wearing a mouth guard, but they’ll be thankful when they’re grown up and still have all their teeth. Particularly if your children are active in sports, a mouth guard can save your family lots of trips to the dentist.

  9. 7. Brush as a Family Since young children have yet to develop the good brushing habits to keep their teeth clean independently, bushing as a family each night can be a great way to ensure your kids are practicing good brushing habits while spending some quality time together.

  10. 8. Don’t Share Toothbrushes Sharing toothbrushes with your spouse or children is never recommended. Because the mouth is home to so many germs, spreading the bacteria from a foreign toothbrush and into your mouth can cause the spread of sickness.

  11. 9. Use Fluoride-Rich Toothpaste There are a lot of different types of toothpastes out there, but not all of them are equally effective at fighting cavities. Fluoride is one of the chemicals that dentists recommend for preventing cavities. A mineral that protects teeth from decay caused by sugar and aging, fluoride toothpaste is a simple way to invest in your long-term dental wellbeing.

  12. 10. Pack Oral Hygiene Goods During Family Trips When family vacation time comes around, the hurry of packing and rounding up the kids can make it hard to remember everything you need to take with you. If there’s one thing you do remember for your trip, make sure it’s your oral hygiene goods. Because family trips are one of the times that people indulge in sugary sweets, keeping your brushing and flossing gear handy is a must.

  13. If you take nothing else away from this list, we hope that you reduce your risk of cavities by substituting healthy, sugar-free alternatives for candies and sodas. Be conscious about the type of toothpaste you use, ask your children to wear mouth guard during sports, and replace your toothbrushes effectively. If you have any questions about family dental care for our dentists in Newport News, VA, contact us today!

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