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5 Dental Care Tips During Pregnancy PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Dental Care Tips During Pregnancy

5 Dental Care Tips During Pregnancy

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5 Dental Care Tips During Pregnancy

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  1. 5 Dental Care Tips During Pregnancy

  2. Pregnant women are more at risk of developing gum diseases. Pregnancy hormones exaggerate response to plaque bacteria so it’s important to take care of your teeth and gums. Here are few tips to maintaining good oral health while making sure that your baby is safe:

  3. First, Let Your Dentist Know That You’re Pregnant. • Receiving dental treatments may no longer be safe for you as you approach your third trimester. • Inform your dentist about your situation so they can adjust your treatments until after you’ve given birth. • The second half to third trimester is a critical period in your pregnancy and exposure to treatments that can in any way affect your baby’s growth and development should be avoided.

  4. Advise Your Dentist About Medications You’re Taking. • It’s also best that you inform your dentist about drugs you’re taking as well as dosages. • From this information, your dentist would be able to decide whether or not your treatment plan should be altered.

  5. Continue With Your Dental Checkup. • Because you are pregnant, you are more prone to gum diseases. • It is hence imperative that you meet with your doctor regularly. • Pay attention as well to any changes you may be feeling during your pregnancy and advise your dentist about it.  

  6. Brush Your Teeth Regularly. • If you are experiencing morning sickness and it’s keeping you from brushing your teeth, ask your dentist about other toothpaste brands that you can switch to. • If you’re suffering from frequent vomiting, meanwhile, rinsing your mouth with water can help. • Consult your dentist as well with mouthwash brands that’s safe for you.

  7. Watch What You Eat. • It’s hard not to crave for sweets when you’re pregnant. Then again, make sure that you limit your sugar intake as too much of it can increase chances of developing tooth decay. • Treat you and your baby to a balanced diet. Both of you would benefit from food that is rich with essential minerals such as calcium, vitamins A, C and D, and protein. • Your baby begins to develop teeth between month 3 to 6 of your pregnancy so you need enough vitamins to support your young one during these crucial stages.

  8. Avoid Dental Xrays. • Your dentist knows that you should avoid exposure to treatments that may put you or your baby in danger. • If xray is part of the dental emergency treatment, your dentist needs to exercise extreme caution.

  9. Caring For Your Teeth and Gums • Caring for your teeth and gums is necessary now more than any other time. • Should you experience teeth and gum problems during your pregnancy, make it a point to see your dentist immediately after your delivery so your mouth and teeth can be examined.

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