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Killing Two Birds with One Stone: PowerPoint Presentation
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Killing Two Birds with One Stone:

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Killing Two Birds with One Stone:
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Killing Two Birds with One Stone:

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  1. Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Presented By: Tom Schueler Center for Watershed Protection Nikos Singelis U.S. EPA Building a local program to maintain your stormwater practices and prevent pollution from your municipal operations Special thanks to J. Zielinski, M. Novotney, D. Hirschman, J. Kosco, S. Sanghavi and Ablemarle County, VA

  2. Webcast Outline • Introduction and Polling Questions • Post Construction Stormwater Maintenance • Top Ten Maintenance Headaches • Scoping a Local Maintenance Program • Ten Tips for Building an Effective Maintenance Program • Pollution Prevention for Municipal Maintenance Operations • Municipal Operations Analysis

  3. Maintenance can be depressing


  5. Maintenance Improves Water Quality

  6. Maintenance Headaches • These are the reasons why it is important to have a maintenance program

  7. 1. Sediment Toxicity Sediments can be toxic…

  8. 2. Trash and Debris

  9. 3. Mosquitoes & West Nile I just love them BMPs!

  10. 4. Unruly Vegetation There used to be a BMP in here somewhere…

  11. NO ACCESS 5. Access Denied Maintain this! I can’t even get down there!

  12. 6. Bankrupt Homeowners What do you mean we’ve got to maintain it?

  13. TO DO: Clean Catch Basins Sweep Streets Inspect BMPs Maintain BMPs Restore Streams 7. No Local Staff Who’s gonna do all this work? Local Stormwater Manager

  14. 8. Tiny On-Lot BMPs Stormwater BMPs Look at those tiny BMPs

  15. 9. Missing BMPs That pond’s got to be around here somewhere... I thought this was supposed to be a sand filter

  16. 10. BMPs That Make the News

  17. Maintenance Scoping Questions • How many BMPs do you expect? • Where will they be located? • Public vs. private maintenance? • Extent & level of service provided? • How frequently to inspect? • How many existing BMPs already? • Legal mechanisms to enforce it?

  18. Poll Question4 Who has the primary maintenance responsibility in your community? (A) Haven’t figured it out yet. (B) Private landowner or homeowner association (C) Public sector or local government (D) Hybrid of private and public sector (E) Outsourced to Indian subcontinent

  19. Poll Question 6: Which shocking statements are not supported in a survey of Phase II communities? • 50% lack a maintenance program (B) 40% do not know where their BMPs are located (C) 58% lack legally binding maintenance agreements (D) Most are doing “pretty good” (E) 77% report they inspect BMPs during construction Source: CWP, 2006: Survey of Post Construction Programs and Practices in 94 MS4 Communities

  20. Plan Review The Life Cycle Approach to Stormwater Maintenance

  21. Unified View of Stormwater Infrastructure BMPs Green Infrastructure Black Infrastructure Conveyance

  22. Level of Service: • Complaint-Driven/Political • Schedule • Inspection Reports • Routine (mowing) vs. Corrective (fixing pipes)

  23. Budgeting for Maintenance Local Program • Address Extent & Level of Service • In-House vs. Contracted Services • Staff • Equipment • Administration • Tracking/GIS • Other

  24. Building a Better Stormwater Maintenance Program Most local programs exist on a shoestring but some very small early investments can yield major reductions in long-term maintenance costs for the community as a whole Here are ten tips that have worked in small communities

  25. 1.Reduce Maintenance Burden Before Construction • Reduce maintenance headaches with tough design standards…if you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it! • Thorough plan review ensures design standards are properly implemented • Review the plan as if you were the maintenance crews • Get standards off the books and onto site plans Good examples of BMP design standards to reduce maintenance burden Can be found in Resource 1

  26. Plan Review Checklist • Pretreatment • Access • Landscaping Plan Updated BMP Plan Review Checklists can be found in Resource 2

  27. Make Sure it’s the Right BMP for the Site

  28. Don’t Design for Costly Sediment Removal

  29. Make sediment removal operations quick, easy and cheap

  30. No access – No Mow - No Maintenance Still ain’t good

  31. Side-slope control and access roads That’s better…

  32. What will the vegetation look like in 10 years? Still looking for that BMP…

  33. Long-term landscaping plan essential There it is…

  34. These Maintenance Guidance Documents Can be Found in Resource X

  35. 2. Get Ironclad Easements • Access Easements • Drainage Easements (conveyance) Decisions: • Dedicated to Public? • Deeds?

  36. 3. Tough Construction Inspections Before Acceptance Updated Construction Inspection Checklists can be found in Resource 3

  37. 4. Use Maintenance Agreements & Bonds • Agreements in property deed • Construction Bond • Maintenance Bond? • Maintenance Plan based on type of BMP Model Maintenance Agreements and Performance Bond Estimator in Resource 4

  38. 5. Routine Inspections • Annual Inspection Frequency • Detailed Checklists • Third party inspections • Measure where possible • Issue direct work orders for problem BMPs • 1 FTE: 250 to 500 BMPs Model Maintenance Inspection Forms Can be Found in Resource 5

  39. 6. Enforcement and Corrective Actions • Education first • Stages of Enforcement • When/How to pursue corrective actions • Remedies to Collect Enforcement Tools Can be Found in Resource X

  40. 7.Synchronize field and office data

  41. 8. BMP Tracking & Documentation • GIS-Based System to store photos and inspection reports • Basis for required MS4 reporting • Database/spreadsheet records No. of Inspections No. of BMPs Maintained No. of Violation Notices No. of Corrective Actions Common Maintenance Problems.

  42. Cyclical Inspections GIS Updates System Maintenance Condition Monitoring Maintenance Remediation Work Plan Budget $ Inventory Tracking to Manage Stormwater Assets Condition Assessment

  43. database (full size)

  44. 9. BMP Maintenance Triage System Condition 2: Major Repair/Functional Enhancement Condition 3: Notify Owner to Perform Routine Maintenance

  45. Failed infiltration basin to Extended Detention with Micro-pools Triage Condition 1: Reconstructive BMP Surgery • Failed infiltration basin to Wet Swale

  46. 10.Track Functional Performance of Stormwater BMPs • By 2010, maintain functional adequacy of Stormwater facilities at 90%.

  47. 11. Educate and Involve the Maintainers • Adopt-A-Pond • Volunteer Clean-Ups • Publications, Mailings Adopt-a-Pond Guidance Can be Found in Resource 6

  48. 12. Co-Inspections • Owner interaction • notification of program reinstatement • “owner’s manual” (shown) • invited to accompany inspections • workshops • provide maintenance plans