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WELCOME TO THE REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN. Territory – 67,800 square kilometres. Population : 3.8 million (over 115 ethnic groups): Tatars (52 . 4%) Russians (39 . 5%) , Chuvashs (3 . 4%), Ukrainians, Udmurts, Mari, Bashkirs, Jews, etc.

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  2. Territory – 67,800 square kilometres • Population : 3.8 million (over 115 ethnic groups): • Tatars (52.4%) • Russians (39.5%), • Chuvashs (3.4%), • Ukrainians, Udmurts, Mari, Bashkirs, Jews, etc. Tatarstan is a highly urbanised region, with the proportion of urban population being 74%. Population of Tatarstan 3

  3. US $Billion US $Billion Changes in Industrial Output and Industrial Production Index 4

  4. Manufacturing Industry by Sectors during 10 Months of 2010

  5. OAO Taif-NK – refining of 7 million MT of crude oil a year • OAONizhnekamskneftekhim– synthetic rubbers, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, monomers, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, alpha olefins, surface-active reagents etc. • OAO Nizhnekamskshina – car, truck, and agricultural tyres • OAOKazanorgsintez – over 170 products made at Etilen, Orgprodukty plants, nitrogen, oxygen and cold production, bisphenol, LP polyethylene, LD polyethylene, polycarbonates etc. • OAO Nefis Cosmetics – synthetic detergents, stearin, soap, glycerine Petrochemical Enterprisesof Tatarstan 6

  6. www.tatneft.ru Total explored oil reserves: 1 billion MT. Extracted in 2009: 32,4 million MT. Total explored bituminous oil reserves: some 7 billion MT. Oil is produced by OAO Tatneft and 33 small oil-production companies (SOCs). SOCs produced totally over 6 million MT of oil with an annual output varying from 7,600 to 710,000 MT. • Tatneft is one of the Russia’s leading oil companies. • Accumulated oil production is over 3 billion MT. • Annual volume of oil extraction is some 25 million MT(25.8 million MT in 2008). • In volumes of oil extraction, the company ranks 6th among Russian oil companies and 30th in the world. • Crude oil is extracted from 57 oilfields, the main one being Romashkinskoye, one of the world’s largest. • In volumes of proven reserves (870 million MT), Tatneft ranks 18th in the world. Crude Oil Production 7

  7. www.taneco-npz.ru • Oil refining capacity – 7million MT /year • Major products: • Petrochemical naphta - 346,800MT/year • Gasoline (EURO 5) – 850,000MT/year • Kerosene - 752,100MT/year • Diesel fuel (EURO 5) – 2,396,000MT/year • Furnace oil - 201,400MT/year • Linear alkyl benzene (LAB) – 80,000MT/year • PETF – 245,000MT/year • Polypropylene - 195,500MT/year • Base oils – 190,000MT/year • Sulphur - 293,100MT/year • Electric energy production - 267MW Complex of Oil-Refining and PetrochemicalPlants in Nizhnekamsk 8

  8. Annual output, over : 23 billion kW/hour of electrical power 30 million Gcal of heat energy Electric power of the grid: 6,836 MW Installed heat power of the grid: 15,300 Gcal/hour Generation of Electric and Heat Energy

  9. OAO Generiruyushchaya Kompaniya OOO Nizhnekamsk TETs OAO TGK-16 ZAO TGK Urussu GRES Major electric and heat generating companies in the Republic of Tatarstan 10

  10. www.kamaz.net KAMAZ is widely known in Russia and abroad. The enterprise is engaged in the development, production, assembly and after-sales services of trucks and cars, diesel engines, parts, assemblies and components of motor vehicles, manufacturing of tools, machining attachments, and tailored equipment. OAO KAMAZ 11

  11. Axially adjustable backhoe loader EP-2630 E1 www.elaz.ru • Logging truck PKS-5 • Lifting unit APRS-50KAM ОАО Production Association ElAZ

  12. www.sollers-auto.com FIAT LINEA FIAT DUCATO Van 2.3 SWB, MWB, LWB FIAT DUCATO Capacity – 1248 cm3and 1368 cm3depending on modification Maximum hp – 90 and 77 depending on modification Payload – from 975 kgto 1430 kg depending on modification Cargo bay volume – from 7.5 m3 to 12 m3 depending on modification Payload - 1200 kg (without passengers) 206 kg (with passengers) Capacity – 2286 cm3 Maximum hp – 110 Minibus 2.3 LWB Car Assembly Projects of Sollers Group 13

  13. 2010.02.11 Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the Sollers Automotive Works

  14. oaokapo.ru Tu - 214 • Max. passenger seats: 210 • Speed: 850 km/h • Flight range: 6,500 km • Noise level: in conformity with ICAO Chapter III • Flight altitude: up to 12,100 m • Crew: 3 Tu – 22M3 Tu - 160 • Ammunition: up to 45 tonnes • Speed Range: 2,230 km/h (at altitude10 km) • Flight Range: 14,600 km • Flight Altitude: up to 18,000 m • Crew: 4 • Ammunition: up to 21 tonnes • Speed range: 2,300 km/h • Flight range: 7,000 km • Flight altitude: up to 13,300 m • Crew: 4 Kazan Aircraft Production Association named after S.P. Gorbunov 15

  15. www.kazanhelicopters.com Ansat • Max. passenger seats: 9 • Speed: up to 285 km/h • Flight range: up to 635 km • Flight altitude: up to 5,700 m • Max. passenger seats: 30 • Freighter version: • freight (+external) up to 7 tonnes • Speed: up to 285 km/h • Flight range: up to 885 km • Flight altitude: up to 5,100 m MI-38 OAO Kazan Helicopters 16

  16. ConstructionIndustry

  17. New Manufacturers of Building Materials

  18. Configuration • Technology centre dedicated to IT developments of integrated systems for mechanical engineering and petrochemical sector • Centre for business education in innovation and technology • Multiple-access computing centre • Premises for resident companies • Capabilities and resources • Total floor space: 30,000 square metres • Projected number of residents: 80 • New jobs: 1,500 • Data centre capacity: 8,000 servers IT Park Kazan

  19. www.icl.com System-wide and Application Software Development, Information Systems Implementation and Support Services Information Complexes Management Production of PCs, servers and laptops. ICL-KME CS

  20. Non-Financial Institutes Financial Institutes Innovation Infrastructure of Tatarstan 21

  21. Located near the city of Yelabuga, Yelabuga Districtof the Republic of Tatarstan, 25km away from Naberezhnye Chelny, 40kmaway from Nizhnekamsk, and 215km away from Kazan (the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan). Total SEZIPT area is 20square km Symbols Izhevsk 180 km Polyanka Railway Mendeleyevsk Highways Territory of SEZIPT Alabuga Distance up to locality Kazan 210 km River port Yelabuga Airport Kazan Kamaz Railway station Yelabuga Nab. Chelny r. Tojma River port Nizhnekamsk TATARSTAN Kazan 210 km Naberezhnye Chelny Ufa 385 km Nizhnekamsk Krugloe pole r. Kama Naberezhnye Chelny Begishevo Airport Naberezhnye Chelny Chistopol 170 km Volga River Yelabuga Nizhnekamskneftehim Airport Nizhnekamsk Special Economic Zone of Industrial Production Type (SEZIPT)

  22. SEZ Alabuga:Outcomes and Prospects

  23. Tax Privileges to SEZ Alabuga Residents

  24. www.kipmaster.ru • up-to-date production buildings with total floor space of 251,600 square metres • office and on-site premises with total floor space of 60,600 square metres Kama Industrial Park Master

  25. www.himgrad.ru • Preferences for residents • Reduction in property tax down to 0.1% • Reduction in land rental rate down to 0.1 • Reduction in income tax down to 16% • Exemption from transport tax Main outcomes • Over 250 small businesses • Over 100 developed products • Over 60 patents and trademarks • Some 20 know how Technopolis Khimgrad

  26. Project participants: OAO Innovation Production Technopark Idea Kazan OAO Tatneftekhiminvest-Holding GNO Investment Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (Rusnano)Project value: $ 120million Rusnano share: $ 56.3million • Key focus areas • 1.Nanoelectronics, nanooptics, spintroncs • 2.Technologies of polymers, filled polymers and composite materials , chemicals, reagents (petrochemical) • 3.Biotechnologies, biomechanics, biomedicine, pharmaceuticals Nanotechnology Centre Idea

  27. US$ billion Retail Sales

  28. Major Russian and International Outlet Chains in Tatarstan

  29. Tatarstan Academy of Sciences • Kazan Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences • 100 R&D institutions and design offices • 93 universities and their branches, including: Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University incorporating: • KGU(academic sciences), • KGFEI(finance) • TGGPU(teachers’ training) • KGTU (chemistry), • KAI (aircraft and automotive), • KGEU(energy) • KGMU(medical), • etc. University students per 10,000 population Tatarstan: Internationally Recognised Scientific & Educational Centre 30

  30. Total number of sports facilities in Tatarstan is some 9,000 including - 122 swimming pools, -36 indoor ice rinks, -42 stadiums, -9 field-and-track halls, -44 ski lodges, -246 shooting ranges, - etc. Athletes of Tatarstan are among the Russia’s leaders in various kinds of sports: hockey, football, volleyball, basketball, water polo, auto racing, fencing, wrestling etc. Developmentsin Physical Culture and Sports

  31. Moscow US Saratov Region Cuba Belarus St. Petersburg Leningrad Region Finland Ukraine France Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug Switzerland Azerbaijan Kazakhstan Ханты-Мансиni Novgorodский АО Nizhny Novgorod Region Czechia Slovakia Sverdlovsk Region Uzbekistan Bashkortostan Turkey Turkmenistan Representative Offices of the Republic of Tatarstan in Foreign Countries and Regions of the Russian Federation Республика Башкортостан 32

  32. US$ billion Over 100 countries are trading partners of TATARSTAN Foreign Trade Turnover of the Republic of Tatarstan

  33. US$ million Trade Turnover betweenTatarstan andUSA

  34. Major USA Brands in Tatarstan

  35. Petrochemical and oil-and-gas sectors • Energy sector • Automotive and aircraft industries • Biotechnology • Joint enterprises on the premises of IT Park, Technopolis Khimgrad and SEZIPT Alabuga Promising Lines of Cooperation


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