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Sports. BY: Salem al Sabah & Ali al Shammari. http:// http ://\_Page/ http://\_greeks/the\_olympic\_games /. References.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Sports' - mireya

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BY: Salem al Sabah & Ali al Shammari

In this power point you will learn how Greeks contributed to the modern sports, Kinds of Greek sports, where sports in Greece was held. You will also learn about the Olympic games one of the most famous things that Ancient Greece has contributed to the world.introduction
The Greeks contributed many things to us such as the Olympic games, the shot put, javelin and many other things that brought some competition to sports and a test of athleticism. The Olympics was dedicated to The gods of Greece and it would be repeated every four years. It was held in Olympia, Greece in a huge circular coliseum .Contribution
ancient greeks
One man called say Sayrago who lived in Greece kept the Olympic games running and talked about it so it can be remember in the next generations. People heard from him and then passed the knowledge to other people so the knowledge was spread all around the world. And still today we have the Olympic games.Ancient Greeks
the world without the contribution
If we didn’t know about the Olympic games, Sports would be nothing and unattractive because whats the point of sports if theres no competition. We wouldn’t have a thing to help us notice the talent of athletes every four years or even have a festival to remind of us of sports. So the world will be pretty dull without the Olympics.The world without the Contribution
So in conclusion the Greeks contributed a lot to us especially in Sports and this world be boring with out it.Conclusion