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Eco-Industrial Park in Guangdong and SMEs from Hong Kong: Challenges, Opportunities and Initiatives. Background. SMEs from Hong Kong tend to move from Dongguan to the hinterland

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Eco-Industrial Park in Guangdong andSMEs from Hong Kong:Challenges, Opportunities and Initiatives


  • SMEs from Hong Kong tend to move from Dongguan to the hinterland

  • Less-developed townships offer concessions and incentives for the relocation

Local authorities and their initiatives
Local Authorities and Their Initiatives:

  • Direct Responsibilities

  • Park Planning

  • Monitoring and Mentoring to Internalize Environmentality

  • Financial Support for SMEs

  • Incentives for ISO14001 Certification

  • Branding and Commercial Viability

Direct responsibilities
Direct Responsibilities

  • Accountability to the town people

  • Sustainable development and long-term benefits of the town

  • Close contact and monitor

  • Coordination and synergy

Park planning
Park Planning

  • Pollutive manufacturers are to be clustered in the same location with effluent treatment facilities provided by local authorities.

  • The field for development is to be leveled to the minimum.

  • Fire-resistant trees are to be maintained for landscape gardening and as fire wall against fire spread.

  • Recycling and recovery industries are to be matched with other industries for partnership.

Monitoring and mentoring environmentality
Monitoring and Mentoring Environmentality

  • A team of professionals and experts for walkabout inspection

  • Preparation for news update and self-help kits

  • Energy-efficiency and cleaner-production measures

  • Benchmarking environmental performance against ISO14001 EMS

Financial support for smes
Financial Support for SMEs

  • Soft loan with low interest rate granted to any investment within the park for any investment in cleaner production

  • Frontline employees provided with free training and monetary incentives for compliance with environmental measures

Incentives for iso14001 certification
Incentives for ISO14001 Certification

  • Tax concession

  • Kudos

  • Green procurement policy

Branding and commercial viability
Branding and Commercial Viability

  • The eco-industrial park in line with sustainable development gains reputation and brand. Both the industrial park and enterprises within are socially responsible and commercially viable.

  • Cost savings

  • Competitive advantage

  • This is a win-win situation