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Mythical names. Meelis Hõim Form 12. Nuckelavee.

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mythical names


Meelis Hõim

Form 12

  • Nuckelaveeis surely the most awful of the Scottish sea fairies. A monstrous horse with legs that are part flipper, a huge mouth and one fiery eye and, rising from its back joined to it at the waist, a hideous torso with arms that nearly reach the ground, topped by a massive head that rolls from side to side as though its neck was too weak to hold it upright. Worse than this tho is the horrible appearance of the creatures flesh, for it has no skin. Black blood coursing through yellow veins, white sinews and powerful red muscles are exposed. The Nuckelavee has an aversion to fresh running water and the pursued have only to cross it to escape.
  • Anyyoung man ofstrikingbeauty.
  • In the central myth in its Greek telling, Aphrodite fell in love with the beautiful youth (possibly because she had been wounded by Eros's arrow). The most detailed and literary version of the story of Adonis is a late one, in Book X of Ovid's Metamorphoses.
  • Roman God of the doors, beginnings and endings
  • The Roman god of Roman Religion
  • The Roman god and Roman Mythology
  • Facts and interesting information about the God of Doors
  • Mythology, facts and information about the Roman Gods
  • The Temple of Janus

The Great Sphinx of Egypt, the largest and best known Sphinx, lies near the Great Pyramid in the Giza Valley Plateau, situated about six miles west of Cairo. It is the largest single sculpted statue in the world, carved from the bedrock of the plateau.

  • Cupid the Roman God of Love
  • Mythology, Facts and information about Cupid
  • The Roman god of Roman Religion
  • The Roman god and Roman Mythology
  • The God of Love - Association with Lovers and Saint Valentine's Day
  • Facts and interesting information about this famous Roman deity
  • Pagan Greek and Roman Gods, the myth and the legend of Cupid (Eros)
  • Mythology, facts and information about the Roman Gods
gordian knot
  • The Gordian Knot is a legend of Phrygian Gordium associated with Alexander the Great
  • It is often used as a metaphor for an intractable problem solved by a bold stroke ("cutting the Gordian knot"): "Turn him to any cause of policy,The Gordian Knot of it he will unloose,Familiar as his garter"
the midas touch

The Midas touch, or the gift of profiting from whatever one undertakes, is named for a legendary king of Phrygia. Midas was granted the power to transmute whatever he touched into gold


Damocles is a figure featured in a single moral anecdote concerning the Sword of Damocles, which was a late addition to classical Greek culture

The figure belongs properly to legendrather than Greek myth


Hercules was a mythological figure of great size and strength. A Herculean effort is to say that one is strong, vigorous and determined in their attempt to achieve a result, as in a Herculean task.

achilles heel
Achilles’ heel
  • An Achilles’ heel is a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength, that can actually or potentially lead to downfall
  • While the mythological origin refers to a physical vulnerability, metaphorical references to other attributes or qualities that can lead to downfall are common
  • "Man of the dart/spear", or alternatively "his death shall bring") is the oldest person whose age is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.
  • God delayed the Flood specifically because of the seven days of mourning in honor of the righteous Methuselah.
  • The term amorplatonicus was coined as early as the 15th century by the Florentine scholar MarsilioFicino. Platonic love in this original sense of the term is examined in Plato's dialogue the Symposium, which has as its topic the subject of love or Eros generally.
  • Triton(is a mythological Greek god, the messenger of the big sea. He is the son of Poseidon, god of the sea, and Amphitrite, goddess of the sea, whose herald he is. He is usually represented as a merman, having the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish, "sea-hued", according to Ovid.