mythical egyptian beasts n.
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Mythical Egyptian Beasts

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Mythical Egyptian Beasts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mythical Egyptian Beasts . By Nicolas Neal, Grade 5. Main Monsters of A ncient Egypt . Griffin Serpopard Jackal Sphinx Dragon . Facts About C reatures.

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mythical egyptian beasts

Mythical Egyptian Beasts

By Nicolas Neal, Grade 5

main monsters of a ncient egypt
Main Monsters of Ancient Egypt
  • Griffin
  • Serpopard
  • Jackal
  • Sphinx
  • Dragon
facts about c reatures
Facts About Creatures
  • The serpopard had a feline body, a very long neck, and the head of a leopard. Their necks were intertwined (but not always).
  • Griffins had a stout feline body and the head of a falcon on a short neck. They were most often winged, but not always.
  • Another fantastic animal of ancient Egypt was a double-headed bull, which was pictured once on both a palette and a magic wand.
more facts a bout c reatures
More Facts About Creatures
  • The jackal was a weird version of a dog that could stand on its legs.
  • The sphinx was half-woman, half-lion. She was creepy and weird.
m ore facts
More Facts
  • The phoenix, hidden in a faraway land, was a bird that laid no eggs and had no young. The phoenix was the bird of fire.
  • Mummies were people in legend that would walk around tombs. They were wrapped in cloth.
  • The dragon was an unholy offspring of death and fire.