mythical names n.
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Mythical names

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Mythical names. Helika Aigro 12.klass. To cut the Gordian knot. T o take decisive action in order to gain one's ends . Today to say that someone cut the Gordian Knot means the person made a quick, decisive move or took drastic action.

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mythical names




to cut the gordian knot
  • To take decisive action in order to gain one's ends.
  • Today to say that someone cut the Gordian Knot means the person made a quick, decisive move or took drastic action.

the midas touch
  • A personis said tohavethiswhen all hisbussinessventuresprosperspectaculary.
  • Used to refer to an ability to make anything potentially profitable, allowing people to make and manage large amounts of money



like the sword of damocles hanging over one
  • Thedangerthatloomsahead and threatensourwell-being.
  • a source of danger; a possibility of incurring loss or misfortune

herculean efforts
  • Having enormous strength, courage, or size.
  • Immense, almostsuperhumanefforts,r:15,s:0&tx=96&ty=65

achilles heel achilleuse kand
Achilles’ heelAchilleuse kand
  • Theone and onlyweakness, but a fatalone.
  • A weak or vulnerable factor.
socratic method
  • Therigorouslogicalanalysis.
  • The Socratic method is a way to seek truths by your own lights.,r:9,s:89&tx=129&ty=94

platonic love
Platonic love
  • Pure love betweenmen and womeninwhichthereis no sexuality.
  • Platonic love is a chaste and strong type of love that is non-sexual.,r:13,s:0&tx=115&ty=73

homer sometimes nods
  • Eventhegreatestofmortalserrsfromtimetotime
  • Itsmeans that even someone who is the best at what they do can turn in a subpar performance.,r:8,s:0&tx=124&ty=66

to be as old as methuselah
  • Thenameis a symboloflongevity.
  • Itsmeanveryold.
opening pandora s box
  • Accepting a dangerous present whichwillbringeveryconceivable ill uponone’s head,r:24,s:0&tx=48&ty=69&biw=1440&bih=797