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Sports. by Paul Chen. Outline. Starting Questions Sample Conversation (1) (2) Vocabulary Useful Expression (1) 各項運動 (2) 運動相關詞彙 1 (3) 運動相關詞彙 2 (4) Sports Idioms Activity Discussion Questions Reference. Starting Questions. What type(s) of sports do you like to play / watch? Why?

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    1. Sports by Paul Chen

    2. Outline • Starting Questions • Sample Conversation (1)(2) • Vocabulary • Useful Expression • (1) 各項運動 • (2) 運動相關詞彙1 • (3) 運動相關詞彙2 • (4) Sports Idioms • Activity • Discussion Questions • Reference

    3. Starting Questions • What type(s) of sports do you like to play / watch? Why? • Do you exercise (做運動) regularly? How often do you exercise? • Could you name (列舉) some outdoor and indoor exercises? • Is there any professional athlete (職業運動選手) you like? Who’s s/he? Why do you like him/her?

    4. Sample Conversation (1) A: Hey, Ross. Where are you going? B: Hi, Bill. I’m going to the gym. I’ve put on some weight during this summer vacation. Now I’ll have to slim down myself. A: Well, how much weight have you put on? You look pretty slender to me. B: Thanks. I’m flattered. Actually, I only put on 1 kg. But if I don’t take anymeasure right now, I may gain some more weight! A: Well then, wish you good luck!

    5. Sample Conversation (2) A: Hi, Leo. What are you doing? B: Nothing. Just watching CSI on AXN. A: Come on, don’t be a couch potato. You’ve been watching TV all day long today. Let’s go out and take some exercise! B: Well, I don’t feel like going out right now. Can’t you just go exercise on your own? A: Okay. I’ll just leave you alone.

    6. Vocabulary • gym 健身房 • gain/ put on weight 體重增加 • slim down sth. 塑身、使…變苗條 • slender 苗條的 • flattered 受寵若驚的 • take measure 採取措施 • Crime Scene Investigation 犯罪現場調查 • AXN動作台) 電視頻道名稱 • couch potato 懶骨頭、成天躺著或坐在沙發上看電視的人 • all day long 一整天 • take exercise 做運動 • leave sb. alone 不打擾(某人)

    7. yoga 瑜珈 pilates 皮拉提茲 aerobic 有氧體操 basketball 籃球 baseball 棒球 soccer/ football 足球 volleyball 排球 tennis 網球 badminton 羽球 jogging 慢跑 marathon 馬拉松 karate 空手道 weight lifting 舉重 swimming 游泳 ping-pong/ table tennis 乒乓球/桌球 mountain climbing 登 hiking 健行 rock climbing 攀岩 roller skating 輪式溜冰 inline skating 直排輪溜冰 skateboarding 滑板運動 golf 高爾夫球 bowling 保齡球 skiing 滑雪 Ice hockey 冰上曲棍球 Useful Expression (1):各項運動

    8. warm-up 暖身運動 practice 練習 coach 教練 trainer 教練員、訓練師 individual sports 個人運動 team sports 團隊運動 athlete 運動員 star player 運動明星 sportsmanship 運動家精神 (in) sports team 運動團隊 (on) school team 校隊 league 聯盟 gym 健身房 stadium 體育館 sports center 運動中心 health club 健身俱樂部 sports facilities 運動設施 Useful Expression (2):運動相關詞彙1

    9. Useful Expression (3):運動相關詞彙2 • play + (運動項目) • be good at + (運動項目) 擅長於 • go/be on a diet 節食 • stay/keep in shape 保持健康 • gain/put on weight 體重增加 • lose/cut down weight 體重減少

    10. Useful Expression (4): Sports Idioms • have a ball 玩得很開心 • whole new ball game 新局面 • I’m game 願意 • touch base 接洽、聯繫 • start the ball rolling (為事情)開端、開頭 • cover all the bases 全面性處理 From Speaking of Values

    11. Activity • There’s a picture illustrating many different types of sports in the following slide, see how many you can recognize.

    12. Discussion Questions • What do you play sports for? (What are the different reasons people play sports?) • What’s the most popular sport in our country? Why do you think it’s so popular? • Do you think it’s good that sports is so commercial nowadays?

    13. Reference • Schoenberg, Irene E. Speaking of Values: Intermediate Conversation.