railroads paved the way n.
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Railroads Paved The Way

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Railroads Paved The Way. Steel and The Railroad National and International Trade. The Bessemer Process.

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railroads paved the way

Railroads Paved The Way

Steel and The Railroad

National and International Trade

the bessemer process
The Bessemer Process
  • The Bessemer Steel process is the way of removing impurities from iron to make steel. A blast of hot air on molten iron removed iron particles. Industry needed steel but the process being used was costly and time consuming.
  • Steel manufacturing increased through the building of steel bridges, steel buildings, steel railroads, and weapon production.
  • The steel industry provided jobs in factories which helped in the growth of cities. New products are bought by consumers who are also workers in factories.
the sewing machine
The Sewing Machine
  • Clothes were made by hand in households
  • The sewing machine is used in factories to make ready to wear clothes for men and women
  • Prices drop for clothes, fashion begins and women can do chores quicker
  • Steel makes goods durable
the impact of the railroads
The impact of the Railroads
  • People invest in buying stock in railroads
  • People are able to move out west easier and quicker
  • Farmers produce more crops to sell in the east coast. Factory produced goods travel to western markets
railroads change the way we live
Railroads change the way we live
  • Steel and lumber industries are born because railroads need supplies
  • Timetables and time zones are established
  • Time clocks calculate hours worked by employees
the chinese railroad worker
The Chinese Railroad Worker
  • Arrive during the 1849 Gold Rush in California
  • Help build railroad track systems in Southwest
  • Paid very little, faced racism and discrimination
the baltimore and ohio rr
The Baltimore and Ohio RR
  • The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is the first westward bound railroad pulled by horses
  • Tom Thumb will be the 1st train to carry passengers in 1830
  • In 1830 there are 30 miles of railway by 1850 there will be 30,000 miles
the impact of transportation on america
The Impact of Transportation on America
  • The cost of moving large amounts of goods is now cheaper and faster for farmers. People begin to travel easier and faster out West.
  • New markets are open between the Midwestern United States, and the Eastern coast and foreign nations.
  • There is a sense of national unity, the country is no longer divided by large distances.
  • Transportation systems bring growth as cities emerge to take part of the growing trade routes.