The railroads
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The Railroads. By Landon Edwards Trent Davis Elijah White . History. Railways were introduced in England in the seventh century as a way to reduce friction in moving heavily loaded vehicles.

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The railroads
The Railroads

By Landon Edwards

Trent Davis

Elijah White


  • Railways were introduced in England in the seventh century as a way to reduce friction in moving heavily loaded vehicles.

  • In 1803, a man named Samual Homfray decided to fund the development of a steam powered vehicle to replace the horse drawn carts on the railways.

  • In September, 1825, the Stockton & Darlington Railroad Company began as the first railroad to carry both goods and passengers on regular schedules using locomotives designed by English inventor, George Stephenson.

The american railroad
The American Railroad

  • Railroads became popular between 1830’s and the 1860’s.

  • It expanded the US for agricultural development.

  • Made traveling safer and easier, not having to worry about Indians or other dangers.

  • The transcontinental railroad was connected at Promontory Point UtahMay 10, 1869.

Railroad companies
Railroad Companies

  • Terre Haute and Richmond

  • Madison and Indianapolis

  • Bellefontaine Railroads

  • Important companies making the railroads popular


  • Stourbridge Lion

  • First steam locomotive in America 1823

  • The Pioneer Zephy

  • First diesel train introduced to America 1934

What changed
What Changed

  • With the connection of the transcontinental railway many things changed

  • It made it practical and safe to move and travel across the Country which brought many people west.

  • Reliable way to ship goods across the country which boosted the economy.

The railroads

  • Many people benefitted from the railroad and it was a major key in the success of the economy of the nation.

  • It expanded the US

  • They are still being used today to transport goods and people.