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  1. Student TeachingRequirementsApplicationPraxis I scores (or PAPA)Praxis II scores (or PECT)Official TranscriptsCAPP Sheets (undergrads only)Act 114- FBI Criminal Record Clearance (Fingerprinting)Act 34- Pennsylvania Criminal Record ClearanceAct 151- Pennsylvania Child Abuse History ClearanceAct 24 of 2011TB Test

  2. Application • Download and word process! • Must have: • Advisor’s signature • Make appointment with advising center or graduate mentor • Attach the following: • Official Transcript • CAPP Sheet (Undergraduate) • Copy of all Praxis II (PECT) results- all 3-4 pages • Grad students (including 5th year students) must have passing Praxis II (PECT) results • Valid copies of all3 Pennsylvania clearances • TB test results • Signed ACT 24

  3. Praxis I (transitioning to PAPA) The Praxis I (PAPA) should have already been taken and passed. • Undergraduates need to pass this for candidacy • Graduates should have taken this within their first 7 credits For more information, click here.

  4. Praxis II (transitioning to PECT)These tests vary depending upon your area of certification. Please visit the following two sites for more information:http://www.pa.nesinc.com/PageView.aspx?f=GEN_Tests.htmlhttp://www.ets.org/praxis/pa/requirementsEvery undergraduate student teacher must takethe appropriate tests before student teaching.Every graduate student teacher must passthe appropriate tests before student teaching.

  5. Important Reminders About Tests and ScoresAlways be sure to save both hard copies and electronic copies of all test results, as many of them are only available for a short amount of time. Test scores can sometimes take up to one month to receive, so plan accordingly in regards to the deadlines.

  6. Clearances Must be valid for entiresemester of your student teaching experience • ACT 114- FBI CRIMINAL RECORD CLEARANCE (FINGERPRINTING) • ACT 34- PENNSYLVANIA CRIMINAL RECORD BACKGROUND CHECK • ACT 151- PENNSYLVANIA CHILD ABUSE HISTORY CLEARANCE • ACT 24 of 2011 • TB Test For more information about clearances, click here.

  7. Deadlines Fall semester • Applications, official transcripts, and CAPP sheets (undergrads only) due by March 1st of the prior Spring semester • All other paperwork (test results, clearances) due by August 1st Spring semester • Applications, official transcripts, and CAPP sheets (undergrads only) due by October 1st of the prior Fall semester. • All other paperwork (test results, clearances) due by January 1st

  8. Submission • Completed packet should be delivered to Field Office – MGH 201 • Paper clips, NO staples • Hand deliver, DON’T leave it on an empty desk!

  9. Grade Placement • Grade levels vary; Preferences considered but are not guaranteed • You will be placed in a local school within reasonable driving distance from the University • All placements will be made by the Field Director- students cannot request or make own placements • Placements are final

  10. Questions? • Visit us in MGH 201 • 8:30 – 4:30 daily • Email us • Anne.butler@scranton.edu • Scott.reilly@scranton.edu • Call us • Anne Butler ext. 5518 • Scott Reilly ext. 7405

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