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  1. Application – RemovalGuidelines ↓ Press Up or Down Arrow Keys to View Presentation ↑

  2. RapID Tag Packaging 101 • RapID Tags are mounted on recyclable trays – 20 tags per tray • Each tray is comprised of the same color tags • 10 trays (200 tags) are packaged to a box • Each box includes 5 different colors - 2 trays, 40 tags, of each color

  3. RapID Tag Application Loading the Applicator Loading Tips: 1) Hold the applicator in your preferred hand with your thumb positioned on the plastic slide as shown. 2) Hold the tray of RapID Tags in your other hand with the barcodes facing towards you. 3) With the applicator open, select a RapId Tag on the tray by carefully sliding the bottom of the applicator into the slot below the bottom of the tag. 4) Then carefully press the top of the applicator down over the top of the tag. 5) Let the applicator open, lifting the top of the tag from the tray, then gently slide the applicator out and away from the tray.

  4. RapID Tag Application(cont.) Applying the RapID Tag 1) Hold the loaded applicator as shown while grasping the rodent with your other hand. 2) Position the RapID Tag on the inside of the ear, all the way towards the rodent’s head. 4) Firmly squeeze the applicator until you hear a ‘click’ to seat the RapID Tag. It won’t hurt the rodent. 5) Use your thumb to move the plastic slide forward to release the RapID Tag from the applicator. 6) THEN carefully remove the applicator from the rodent’s ear. Application Tips:

  5. RapID Tag Removal(Always wear safety glasses) Removing A RapID Tag Removal Tips: 1) Carefully position the tip of the removal tool near the end of the barb close to the back of the tag as shown. 2) Then position the index finger of your free hand against the barcode face. 3) Gently press the back of the tag and the barcode together. 4) Snip off the end of the barb releasing the tag from the ear. Correct position > < Incorrect position

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