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Application. Transport. Network. you are here. Link. Physical. Network host-to-host. Link node-to-node frame-by-frame. Physical node-to-node bit-by-bit. 101101001000100101010. MAC Address. 90:AF:F4:CA:BA:03. Broadcast Address. FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF. Network. Link.

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Application Transport Network you are here Link Physical

  2. Network host-to-host Link node-to-node frame-by-frame Physical node-to-node bit-by-bit 101101001000100101010

  3. MAC Address 90:AF:F4:CA:BA:03

  4. Broadcast Address FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF

  5. Network Link Link Layer Addressing Network Link

  6. Why Two Addresses? 90:AF:F4:CA:BA:03

  7. Network Link Link Layer Addressing Network Link

  8. ARP Address Resolution Protocol

  9. ARP “What is the MAC address of”


  11. That’s me! not me not me

  12. The MAC address of is FB:CA:73:8A:9C:DD

  13. ARP Table

  14. DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

  15. DHCP discovery “I NEED AN IP ADDRESS!”

  16. DHCP server offers “You can have for 20 mins” “You can have for 1 hr” :

  17. DHCP request “OK, let me have for 20 mins”

  18. DHCP ACK “Your IP is now for 20 mins”

  19. Application DHCP Transport Network ARP Link Physical

  20. Hub

  21. Switch

  22. Switch? Router?

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