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3 rd grade curriculum night n.
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3 rd Grade Curriculum Night PowerPoint Presentation
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3 rd Grade Curriculum Night

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3 rd Grade Curriculum Night
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3 rd Grade Curriculum Night

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  1. 3rd GradeCurriculum Night Wednesday, August 10, 2016

  2. Welcome to your child’s Third Grade Classroom! • Please take a moment to find your child’s seat, and spend a couple minutes looking through their desks. We have started a page or two in Math, Reading, and Writing Journals. You will also find a couple of workbooks which we will use for ELA, and who knows what else! 

  3. What subjects will your child cover in their third grade gifted classroom, and what strategies will be used to teach them?

  4. Reading Research based instruction in phonics, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, and text comprehension. We will incorporate the following into our reading instruction: • Whole Group • Small Group • Partner Reading • Literature Studies • Independent Reading

  5. What is Core KnowledgeCommon Ground, Clear Expectations • For parents, Core Knowledge enhances accountability and parental engagement by providing a clear outline of what children are expected to learn in school.  This outline also provides a common ground for communication between parents and educators.

  6. The Skills Strand • Teaches reading and writing in tandem. Children practice blending (reading) and segmenting (spelling) using the sound spellings they have learned.  Handwriting, spelling, and the writing process are addressed in the Skills strand. 

  7. The Listening & Learning Strand • The Listening & Learning strand lessons, comprised of teacher read-aloud, class discussion, vocabulary work, and extension activities. These allow students listening and reading comprehension to grow equally.

  8. The Reading Wall and Reading every night.  • How It Works:  Keep track of the minutes you read (or someone reads to you) while away from school by coloring the leaves, flowers and animals below. When all 48 items are colored in, have an adult sign the form and return it to your teacher any time before REWARD DAY to receive a free book from the KMV PTO (up to 4 free books/year)! Once you receive your 4 free books, please continue filling out forms and return them for additional prizes!  • (Note: students may earn only 1 free book/month, however, you will be rewarded for each additional log each month.) • Reading Wall Log Reward Days are AUG 31 and then the first Wednesday of every month Sept-May

  9. The Importance of Teaching My Students to Write Well • Writing is the primary basis upon which your work, your learning, and your intellect will be judged—in college, in the workplace, and in the community. • Writing expresses who you are as a person. • Writing is portable and permanent. It makes your thinking visible. • Writing fosters the inclination to question the validity of the ideas of others. • Writing ideas down preserves them so that you can reflect upon them later. • Writing out your ideas permits you to evaluate the adequacy of your argument and fosters the inclination to do the same for others when they present their own. • Writing stimulates you to extend a line of thought beyond your first impressions or gut responses.   • Writing equips you with the communication and thinking skills you need to participate effectively in democracy. • Writing is an essential job skill http://www.marquette.edu/wac/WhatMakesWritingSoImportant.shtml

  10. Genres of Writing • Narrative • Opinion • Informative/ Explanatory • And opportunities to become published authors!

  11. Bear Essential News • The Young Reporters Program gives kids in grades 3 through 8 the opportunity to experience journalism firsthand. Through this free program of Bear Essential Educational Services, kids learn the fundamentals of reporting and how to apply them by writing for the "Get the Scoop" section of Bear Essential News for Kids. • http://bearessentialnews.com/

  12. MATHEMATICS Adopted Materials: Engage New York AZ College and Career Ready Standards: • Operations and Algebraic Thinking (multiplication and division) • Number & Operations in Base Ten (multi-digit arithmetic) • Number & Operations (fractions) • Measurement and Data • Geometry • Mathematical Practices (problem solving, reasoning)

  13. Science • Life Science – Plants, Ecology • Physical Science – Light and Sound • Earth Science – Rocks, Erosion, Weathering Social Studies • Geography – Map Skills • American History – Immigration, Civil War • World History – Early Explorers; Ancient Greece and Rome • Civics and Government • Economics

  14. Social-Emotional Activities That Build: • Self-esteem • Teamwork • Communication • Anger Management • Self-Discovery • And Coping Skills

  15. Brain Break! • www.gonoodle.com

  16. Project-based Learning Focuses on student choice, teacher responsibility, and opportunities for differentiation. • students participate in projects and practice an interdisciplinary array of skills from math, language arts, fine arts, social studies, science, and technology.

  17. How we make Project-based Learning work in our gifted classroom: • Follow the district’s curriculum calendar • Adhere to AZ Career and College Ready Standards • Employ both Acceleration and Enrichment • In addition to class projects, there will be a homework project almost every month. • Cross Curricular Projects • Plan a business • Planning a vacation • Fencing a yard • Decorating a Room • Planning a Party • Research Papers • Etc…????

  18. Homework • IXL - online • Four math word problems weekly • Periodic projects • READING

  19. How Can you reach me? • Email – jdow@kyrene.org • Phone -480-541-4520

  20. How do I communicate with you? • Email • classdojo.com • Class Website • Newsletter -https://www.smore.com/jt2gg

  21. Your turn! Any questions? Thank you for visiting with me tonight!