3 rd grade eog night
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3 rd Grade EOG Night

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3 rd Grade EOG Night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3 rd Grade EOG Night. Reading – comprehension based test that requires application of reading strategies. 8 total selections Approximately 50-60 questions Multiple choice 60\% is Literary selections 40\% is Informational selections Vocabulary. Reading EOG. Reading EOG. Types of Items.

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reading comprehension based test that requires application of reading strategies
Reading – comprehension based test that requires application of reading strategies
  • 8 total selections
  • Approximately 50-60 questions
  • Multiple choice
  • 60% is Literary selections
  • 40% is Informational selections
  • Vocabulary
Types of Items


  • Requires the reader to connect knowledge from the selection with other information and experiences beyond or outside the selection.
Reading EOG:

Goal Summary of Skills

Author’s Purpose



Main Idea

Supporting Details

Cause and Effect

Fact and Opinion

Point of View

Figurative Language

Making Predictions

Making Connections

Story Structure

Text Organization

Goal 2: 62-68%

Goal 3: 23-27%


Number and Operations (35-40%; 18-21 questions)

  • 1.01 Develop number sense for whole numbers through 9,999: recognize number models, words, and numerals; place value (ones through thousands); compare (‹ , ›, = ) and order (least to greatest, greatest to least).
  • 1.02 Develop fluency (addition, subtraction, estimation, and operational relationships) with multi-digit addition and subtraction through 9,999
  • 1.03 Develop fluency with multiplication from 1x1 to 12x12 and division up to two-digit by one-digit numbers and estimation.

Measurement (10-12%; 5-6 questions)

  • 2.01 Solve problems using measurement concepts and procedures involvingelapsed time and equivalent measures within the same measurement system.
  • 2.02 Estimate and measure using appropriate units: Capacity (cups, pints, quarts, gallons, liters);Length (miles, kilometers);Mass (ounces, pounds, grams, kilograms);Temperature (Fahrenheit, Celsius).
mathematics cont
Mathematics (cont.)

Geometry (12-15%; 6-8 questions)

  • 3.01 Use appropriate vocabulary to compare, describe, and

classify 2- and 3-dimensional figures.

Data Analysis and Probability (12-15%; 6-8 questions)

  • 4.01 Collect, organize, analyze, and display data (including circle graphs and tables) to solve problems.
  • 4.02 Determine the number of permutations and combinations of up to three items
  • 4.03 Solve probability problems using permutations and combinations.

Algebra (20-25%; 10-13 questions)

  • 5.01 Describe and extend numeric and geometric patterns.
  • 5.02 Extend and find missing terms of repeating and growing patterns.
  • 5.03 Use symbols to represent unknown quantities in number sentences.
  • 5.04 Find the value of the unknown in a number sentence

Question Breakdown:

82 Total Questions Calculator Active 54 (66%) Inactive 28 (34%)

frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I prepare my child for the EOGS?

  • A: You can review past objectives at home by using the sample test items

on the DPI website.

Sample Math Test Items from The State: http://www.ncpublicschools.org/accountability/testing/eog/sampleitems/math3

Sample Reading Test Items from The State: http://www.ncpublicschools.org/accountability/testing/eog/sampleitems/reading

  • A: Ask your child questions about what they are reading. Have them discuss the setting, characters, plot/conflict, and resolution.
  • A: Be sure to utilize Study Island, which provides great review and test taking practice.
  • A: Make sure your child is at school as much as possible to be sure that he or

she is not missing any important information.

  • A: Have your student get a good night of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast every

morning. And be positive!

Q: Are all the teachers covering the same concepts in class?
  • A: Yes. All teachers follow the same state required objectives for the third grade and address all test preparation strategies.
  • Q: How much writing will be on the EOG?
  • A: There is no writing on the EOGs. Students will be bubbling in answers on bubble sheets.
  • Q: Are there any extra resources we can use to help them prepare?
  • A: You can reference the DPI website (www.ncpublicschools.org) and Study Island (www.studyisland.com), review and/or double check reading and math papers that are sent home. Students should be coached on using testing strategies that they find comfortable, and practice multiplication facts. Students must know their multiplication facts automatically. This is a major portion of the math test.
Q: Will the school be selling any End of Grade Test preparation materials?
  • A: Winget Park will not be selling any EOG preparation materials. Teachers will be utilizing EOG preparation materials in class that the PTA has purchased for third grade. However, numerous EOG preparation materials are available at local bookstores and teacher supply stores. (Just make sure they are based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.) Also, Study Island is a great resource that is available to all students free of charge.
  • Q: How do the formatives correlate to the EOG?
  • A: The objectives that are tested are the same on the formatives and

on the EOG tests. However, the presentation will be different.

Q: What happens if my child does not do well on the EOG? What if they fail?
  • A: According to CMS, third grade is a gateway year, and all students are expected to pass their EOGs with a level III. If a student doesn’t score a III they get a second chance before school ends to take the test again. They will be provided with review sessions prior to the retake during school hours to help them prepare. If they need to retest, they will only retest on the subject they didn’t pass. If they do not pass the retake, the final decision will be made by the promotion/retention committee.
  • Q: What are the dates and times for testing?
  • A: Testing will be the week of May 14-18, 2012. Testing will begin promptly at 8:30 and go until every student is finished. You will receive more information about the days specific tests will be given as we approach the testing date.
Q: Can you send home additional practice materials?
  • A: Links to websites for math practice and reading EOG passages are available on our websites. Teachers are also giving EOG practice activities in class and for homework.
  • Q: How will the testing days be structured?
  • A: All students in grade 3-5 will test in the mornings. After testing they will be provided a break (recess) and then lunch. After lunch they will participate in low-key activities and/or special areas.
  • Q: Will summer school be offered for students who fail?
  • A: No summer school is currently being offered. Some teachers on the grade level will be providing tutoring for a fee.
Q: Can you study for this test?
  • A: Students can best prepare for the test by completing all assigned class work and homework. They can prepare by reading daily at home. Students must practice and utilize the test taking strategies in class and at home. Also, students can prepare by attending school consistently. Study Island is a great way for them to practice at home.
  • Q: Does the student need to bring anything on the days of the testing?
  • A: Students only need to bring two #2 pencils for the test. Calculators and other testing materials will be provided for them.
  • Q: Does the EOG count as a grade?
  • A: EOGs will not be a part of the report card grade.