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document management software in ontario: how it can speed u PowerPoint Presentation
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document management software in ontario: how it can speed u

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document management software in ontario: how it can speed u - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Document management software in Ontario greatly impacts your workflows by improving productivity, cost savings, collaboration, compliance and more. This article will focus on specific benefits within accounts payable, accounts receivable, customer service and human resource departments.

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Document Management Software in Ontario: How It Can Speed Up Your Workflow By Kevin D’ArcyVice President of Sales & Marketing

document management
Document Management

Document management software in Ontario can greatly impact your organization’s workflows. These technologies improve how your business operates. You benefit from a wide range of efficiencies involving productivity, cost, collaboration, compliance and more.

All work conducted within an organization involves a process, or workflow. Ongoing improvement requires an objective and regular look at each step in a process. Can any tasks within the process be eliminated? Can processes be combined? How can automation improve the overall process?

Organizations commonly accept the premise that processes improve by eliminating paper and automating tasks. However, barriers to implementing document management software in Ontario may include several factors. For example, some organizations may find difficulty in justifying the initial cost.

document management software in ontario
Document Management Software in Ontario

In this situation, companies may not have conducted a thorough analysis in terms of workflow improvements. To conduct a proper cost-benefit analysis, companies need to document their existing processes and quantify the cost of each task. Then, they can compare these results to the costs associated with workflows using document management software in Ontario.

Almost always this comparison tips the scale in favor of processes based on document management software. With improved workflows translating into quantifiable benefits, many companies find the investment easy to justify.

accelerating workflow in company departments
Accelerating Workflow in Company Departments

A common thread exists throughout all document automation projects used to improve workflows. In all cases, reducing paper processes and increasing automation provides the same benefits regardless of departmental function:

-Process more documents in less time.

-Allow staff to focus on more productive tasks.

-Improve data accuracy.

-Allow audits to be conducted with greater efficiency and more reliable results.

-Locate information and data more readily.

-Eliminate any duplication of effort in tasks.

-Remove need for physical storage containers and space.

-Protect sensitive data and provide enhanced security.

accelerating workflow in company departments5
Accelerating Workflow in Company Departments

Document management software in Ontario improves numerous processes within all kinds of organizations. However, we’ll focus on some of the common applications within accounts payable, accounts receivable, customer service and human resource departments, and the benefits specific to each function.

Accounts Payable. Typically, the Accounts Payable department represents high volume workflows. In these processes, you want to capture documents without manual entry into a system and match them to existing data.

For example, you can scan an invoice from a vendor, have it integrated within your accounting or ERP software, and matched to a purchase order. If no purchase order exists, you can automate the approval process by forwarding the invoice electronically to the appropriate decision-makers.

accelerating workflow in company departments6
Accelerating Workflow in Company Departments

By automating this workflow, Accounts Payable departments speed up approvals, eliminate bottlenecks, improve audit efficiencies, avoid penalties for late payments, take advantage of early payment discounts and improve vendor relationships.

Accounts Receivable. Document management software in Ontario allows Accounts Receivable departments to better handle cash flows and improves dept-to-income ratios. Your company’s very survival depends on getting paid quickly from your customers. Automating this process gives your business the best chance of improving the bottom line.

In addition, document management software automatically matches customer payments to invoices and streamlines the resolution process associated with disputes. You improve your customer relationships with faster response times.

accelerating workflow in company departments7
Accelerating Workflow in Company Departments

Customer Service. An advanced document management solution will seamlessly integrate with your CRM application. Since you can store and access documents with a click of a mouse, you can respond to customers quickly and accurately. Customer service representatives often resolve issues on the first call.

Nobody wants to hear “Let me get back to you on that.” Without customers, a business doesn’t exist. Keeping customers happy, therefore, is an ongoing effort that needs to permeate any organization.

Human Resources. Managing personnel issues involves numerous processes, including complex hiring and benefits workflows. Document management software in Ontario lets HR staff organize resumes for recruiting, improve accuracy and handling of payroll processes and comply with government regulations.

about the author
About the Author

Kevin D'Arcy is VP of Sales and Marketing for MES Hybrid Document Systems, Ontario's leading document scanning and document management supplier. For more information about our document management software in Ontario, visit