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Gel Electrophoresis

Gel Electrophoresis. Student Instructions Edvotek set up. Salk Institute Mobile Lab. Gel Electrophoresis Student Station Set-up. tip container w/tips. waste container. micropipettor. practice sheet in protector. foam epi rack w/ 1 food color tube each: orange, green, purple.

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Gel Electrophoresis

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  1. Gel Electrophoresis Student Instructions Edvotek set up Salk Institute Mobile Lab

  2. Gel Electrophoresis Student Station Set-up tip container w/tips waste container micropipettor practice sheet in protector foam epi rack w/ 1 food color tube each: orange, green, purple

  3. How to Use a micro-pipettor Plunger • Parts of a Micro-pipettor • Make sure a plastic tip is firmly twisted onto the end of the micro-pipettor • Adjust the dispense amount to 5 µl (05.0) by turning the knob at the top Eject button Amount window Barrel Plastic tip

  4. How to Use a micro-pipettor • Carefully open one of the food color tubes • Don’t let the lid snap back and splash you! • To Fill – press down gently with your thumb until you feel the plunger stop. This is STOP 1. While holding the plunger at Stop 1 place the tip into the liquid and release the plunger. This will draw up the precise volume you want.

  5. How to Use a micro-pipettor • To Dispense – press down hard on the plunger, you’ll pass Stop 1 and continue to STOP 2. This will fully eject the volume from the tip. • Using your other hand to guide the end of the tip, practice dispensing the 5µl drops • Try to not push down on the plastic sheet - see if you can hold the pipettor tip just above the paper

  6. How to Use a micro-pipettor • Push ejector button to eject the dirty tip into the waste container and replace with a clean tip • Always use a clean tip each time!!

  7. How to Use a micro-pipettor • Ready to load a real gel?

  8. Loading the gel • Load the food color solutions into the wells on your group’s gel • Be careful not to poke through the bottom of the wells!

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