the spanish armada n.
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The Spanish Armada PowerPoint Presentation
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The Spanish Armada

The Spanish Armada

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The Spanish Armada

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  1. The Spanish Armada

  2. The Causes of Elizabeth -After the battle of San Juan de Ulua, English seamen began to attack Spanish shipping colonies. -Elisabeth executed Mary (Queen of Scots). -The Netherlands belonged to Philip II. The protestants rebelled and Elizabeth helped them. -Elizabeth banns the catholic religionin England. -Sir Francis Drake raided the Spanish port destroying most of the invasion ships prepared to invade England. -Elisabeth confiscates Spanish treasure ships. -Elisabeth breaks Philip’s trading rule. -Dutch sea beggars attack Spanish ports. Elisabeth let’s them use English ports.

  3. -English privateers Attacked Spanish treasure ships -The Spanish encouraged English Catholics to murder Elisabeth I, and make Mary Queen of Scots, Queen of England. Phillip II Reasons It doesn’t look like he had the blame does it?

  4. THE BATTLE The Spanish Armada was formed and sent to England with the objective to invade England. This battle was cause by Philip II of Spain and Elizabeth I of England. Each did a number of thing to provoke each other. Philip sent his armada to invade England. The English where smart and sent in fire-ships and sunk half the armada. The armada fled around the north of England, chased by the the Royal English Navy. The bad weather and lack of vital resources damage the crew and the ships. Only 67 out of 120 ships returned to the Spanish harbour.

  5. My conclusion is that Elisabeth I had the blame causing this battle by provoking Phillip II to launch a armada a England