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steve wozniak steve jobs ronald wayne by andrew n.
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Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne by Andrew PowerPoint Presentation
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Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne by Andrew

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Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne by Andrew
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Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne by Andrew

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  1. Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayneby Andrew These guys are the creators of Apple computer.

  2. Steve Wozniak • Steve got interested in technology when he read a book about a engineer. The engineer could design any thing. He also owned that built submarines. Something interesting is that he owned Pixar.

  3. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs • Steve teamed up with Steve jobs to invent the first portable computer in 1977. Jobs was passionate to bring computers to every one. They had a passion in there blood for crating the first portable computer aka the laptop.

  4. Products made by Apple. • IPhone • IPad • IMac • iPod touch

  5. From the beginning • Apple started in a garage. Jobs sold his Volkswagen and Wozniak sold a calculator to raise 1,300 dollars. They sold their things so they could finance there venture.

  6. Almost Makin it Jobs sold 50 Apple 1 computer for $666 dollars each. Which was the companies first sale.

  7. Apple getting known • Four years after making there first sell Apple got listed in the fortune 500. Apple was the youngest firm on the prestigious list.

  8. Apples most famous product is? • The iPhone is the most famous product that Apple makes. The second famous product is the iPod touch. I can see the iPhone is the most famous Apple product because just about everyone has one.

  9. Steve Jobs hobbiesin memory of Steve 1955-2011 RIP • Steve enjoyed listening to music. He especially liked to listen to Bob Dylan. He also liked to listen to other musicians also. He spent over 80,000 dollars on a stereo system for his home. I don’t see how someone could spend that much money for a stereo system that’s in a house.

  10. Steve wozniak • He is known and credited for inventing the first apple products. The president awarded him the national medal of technology in 1985. in 2000 he was induced into the inventers hall of fame. He also crashed his single engine plan in 1981. the crash caused short term memory loss. He left apple and went back to collage.

  11. Ronald Wayne • When he and his partners were working he would find it difficult to work with Steve jobs. Then he said he was happy to sell his 10% stock faire for $800 dollars in 1976. That’s what most people don’t know about Ronald Wayne one of the founders of Apple that was forgotten. Today his stocks would be worth 35 billion dollars.

  12. The ipad • When the ipad came out there wasn't any thing quiet like it. There are over 150,000 apps out for the ipad. The apps you can get for the ipad are not cheaply made. They use everything the ipad has to offer. The ipad is made from high quality materials. The ipad mini does everything the regular ipaddoes; it’s just smaller and more compact.

  13. IPod • The fifth generation of iPod has a four inch retina screen. The iPod is a very thin aluminum body. It also come with a iPod wristband connected to the iPod which is useful if your looking over a balcony taking a picture.

  14. iPhone • The iPhone is on of the most sold Apple products they sell. The iPhone 5 has an 8mp camera. it also has a 3x zoom that you can use when you take video. The other good thing it has is an a6 chip which saves battery. You can play a bunch of games and not even worry about your phone dying.

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