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Using CAST from PowerPoint Presentations PowerPoint Presentation
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Using CAST from PowerPoint Presentations

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Using CAST from PowerPoint Presentations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using CAST from PowerPoint Presentations. A Guide. Examples showing CAST pages from PowerPoint. The first link displays a page from the general lecturing e-book:. Least squares. The next link displays an exercise:. Correlation exercise.

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examples showing cast pages from powerpoint
Examples showing CAST pages from PowerPoint
  • The first link displays a page from the general lecturing e-book:

Least squares

  • The next link displays an exercise:

Correlation exercise

  • The final link displays a section from the biometrics e-book:

Sample means

format of a hyperlink
Format of a hyperlink

  • Location of any CAST server (can be local),e_correlation1


  • Student e-books are:
  • general, biometric or business
  • Lecturing e-books are:
  • generalx, biometricx or businessx
  • Exercises e-book:
  • exercises
format of a hyperlink continued
Format of a hyperlink, continued,e_correlation1


  • This gives the names of the section and page

The easiest way to find these names for a specific page is from the list of pages in the enclosing section. When the mouse is over the link to the page, the names should be shown in the status bar (or in a tooltip) as displayed on the left with Firefox (Mac).

NB: lecturing pages have names starting with “l_” and exercise pages with “e_”

more about hyperlinks
More about hyperlinks
  • Similar hyperlinks can be used in HTML or Word pages.
  • Adding “&toc=true” to the end of a hyperlink displays the page with its blue banner at the top and red column on the left listing the chapters and sections. (These are hidden by default.)
using a downloaded copy of cast
Using a downloaded copy of CAST
  • CAST is often downloaded and run from a local hard disk. PowerPoint does not allow query strings in URLs that refer to downloaded files.
  • One solution is to install CAST on a local web server. The other is to add the same information as an ‘anchor’ as shown below:


This is the location of the CAST folder on your hard disk.


These are the names of the e-book, section and page, separated by commas.

pdf presentations
PDF presentations

It is also possible to create a PDF presentation containing similar hyperlinks.

  • Create the presentation in Word containing hyperlinks as described earlier.
  • Save the document as a PDF presentation.

(The author has not tried this himself but others have reported success.)