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  1. PowerPoint Presentations Some Things to Consider With Emphasis on Things to Avoid!

  2. PowerPoint provides a tremendous variety of special effects. Of course, all that power is easily abused.

  3. Areas to Be Covered Really irritating effects Ways to Make Text Hard to Read Now That You’ve Prepared the Presentation, What Else Can You Do to Make it Unbearable? Some good ideas

  4. Sound Effects with Transitions Cool Noises as Each Slide Changes (avoid by selecting “no sound” ) Really Irritating Effects

  5. Really Irritating Effects • Noises as Animated Text Comes In • May be best to avoid Typewriter and Laser Text. They are particularly bad when the text is relatively long and is brought in by letter.

  6. Really Irritating Effects • Visual Effects • “Drop In” is quite annoying with relatively long text segments. Crawling under “Custom Animation” can be excruciating. Did Andy Rooney ever discover “Custom Animation?” There is a lot to complain about.

  7. One wouldn’t want to leave out graphics that are too small or low resolution pictures that have been enlarged too much... And end up leaving you saying, what is that? Make sure your pictures are high resolution, as you can always make them smaller.

  8. Ways to Make Text Hard to Read • Poor Choice of Font • Mismatch with Background/Poor Contrast • Failure to Plan for Lighting • Too Small • Too much

  9. Poor Choice of Font • PowerPoint offers the opportunity to use WordArt. Not always a wise choice. There are also a lot of fonts to choose from such as Brush Script MT, Old English Text, Stencil, Playbill, andLucida Calligraphy. Many are hard to read. Aren’t you glad that text can come in word by word with Custom Animation?

  10. Other Ways to Make TextDifficult to Read The Quick Styles choices provide several ways to make text harder to read. • Italics, glowing, and reflection can all cause some trouble. One can play with colors here as well, which brings us to...

  11. Mismatch with Background • The choice of colors can make a big difference. • Backgrounds which have both light and dark areas can be particularly troublesome.

  12. Failure to Plan for Lighting

  13. Size of Text • Generally recommended that the text go no smaller than 24. 28 is a good starting point. • Making things smaller can create problems for some people. • Be consistent from slide to slide

  14. Too Much Text • This page contains too many words for a presentation slide. In addition, it is not written in point form (bullets), making it difficult both for your audience to read and for you to present each point. Although there are exactly the same number of points on this slide as will be presented in a future slide, it looks much more cluttered and complicated. In short, your audience will spend too much time trying to read this paragraph instead of listening to you.

  15. Now That You’ve Prepared the Presentation, What Else Can You Do to Make it Unbearable? Even if you have failed to use any really annoying things from PowerPoint, you can still make the presentation an unpleasant experience.

  16. PowerPoint has given us something even worse than doing a presentation by reading a paper. • Reading the slides to people can be annoying. People will be unhappy if you have to read the slides (because the text is too small or the projector too dim). • People will be really annoyed if the slides are wonderfully legible and you read to them anyway. Of course, you could read each slide at least twice...

  17. Now for the good part…

  18. What can you do to make your PowerPoint presentation better? • Try following some simple guidelines…

  19. 6 x 6 Rule • No more than 6 lines of text per slide • No more than 6 words per line

  20. Show one point or bullet at a time • Helps your audience concentrate on you and what you have to say • Prevents audience from reading ahead • Helps keep your presentation focused

  21. Keep it organized • Start with a blank slide • Title slide • Individual/content slides • Summary slide (if needed) • Closing slide • Blank slide • Works cited slide (if needed)

  22. Keep it simple • Include a title • Present one idea per slide • Use graphics, tables, and graphs to enhance your presentation • Make text concise – don’t get wordy