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THIRD REICH AND WORLD WAR II. By: Angelica Labermeier 6 th hour. Third Reich 1933-1945. What was the Third Reich? Nazi Germany Who were the Nazi’s?

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third reich and world war ii


By: Angelica Labermeier 6th hour

third reich 1933 1945
Third Reich 1933-1945
  • What was the Third Reich?
    • Nazi Germany
  • Who were the Nazi’s?
    • The National Socialist Party in Germany led by a man named Adolf Hitler. The party was established in Munich in 1919, and was taken over by Hitler in 1921.
    • The national socialists had “revolution” using persuasion and terror to gain followers.
reichstag fire
Reichstag Fire
  • Hitler was in an election to be Germany’s new chancellor.
    • He wanted to become a dictator to begin the Nazi Revolution.
    • Hitler manipulated Hindenburg (Germany’s former chancellor) and got him to sign basically anything Hitler wanted.
      • Hindenburg signed an emergency decree that put the state of Prussia into Hitler and the Nazi’s hand.
    • A week before the election the Reichstag building was set on fire that was blamed on the Communists by the Nazi’s.
hitler as chancellor and dictator
Hitler as Chancellor and Dictator
  • Once Hitler took power, he said that all communists and some Social Democrats were not allowed to vote.
  • Hitler passed the Enabling Act that gave Nazi’s control of all institutions and organizations such as political parties and trade unions.
  • He also banned groups of “non Aryans.”
    • The difference between Aryans and non Aryans:
      • Aryan is a Non-Jewish Caucasian of Germanic or Nordic Ancestry.
      • Some believed an Aryan was someone with “blond hair and blue eyes” although most were, there were many variations of Germanic and Nordic people.
more about the third reich
More about the Third Reich
  • By this time, Nazi’s controlled the entire government.
  • After Hindenburg’s death, Hitler combined the offices of the president and chancellor.
  • Hitler controlled the military too
    • He made soldiers swear an oath of personal allegiance promising unconditional obedience.
  • Also he made political arrests of communists and socialists, Jews, and others.
and more
…and more.
  • Hitler’s use of terror was highly effective of silencing a resistance.
  • The Nazi party was so powerful it effected pretty much everything in Germany at that time.
  • They took control of education system, radio, and cultural institutions.
world war ii
World War II
  • Adolf Hitler or “Fuhrer” was a dictator over Germany.
  • Nazi government increased power of Germany’s armed forces.
    • Tried to overturn Versailles Treaty
      • Wanted to recover lost territory from WWI
      • Return so called Fatherland German speaking minorities
      • His goal: secure “living space” for the German “master race”
important dates in wwii
Important Dates in WWII
  • March 1938: invaded and annexed Austria
  • March 1939: invaded Czechoslovakia
  • August 1939: Germany and USSR signed a non-agressionpact dividing up Poland.
  • September 1, 1939: invaded Poland.
  • September 3, 1939: Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand declared war on Germany.
    • World War Two began.
  • June 1941-May 1945: war against the Soviet Union.
more about the war
More about the War
  • In June 1944 American, British, and Canadian forces invaded France.
    • Driving Germans back and liberating Paris by August.
    • Soviet armies advanced in the east.
  • March 1945: Western forces reached the Rhine River.
    • Soviet armies overran most of Czechoslovakia and headed for Berlin.
    • Hitler, feeling the tension, pressure, and certain defeat, insisted that every German city, village, and “every square meter” be defended or left behind as “scorched earth.”
and more1
….and more
  • April 27: the Western Allies and Soviet forces made their first contact in Saxony.
    • Three days later, in a bunker in Berlin, Hitler commited suicide along with his wife Eva Braun.
  • May 2: Berlin fell to the Soviet forces.
  • May 7: Third Reich surrendered unconditionally.
  • About 55 million people died in Europe during WWII.
    • About 8 million of these dead were German.
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