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Latin III

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Latin III. HW: Ex. 5 Take out exercise 3: stamp #25 Attempt exercise 5 while stamping…all these words mean “each”. HW: Finish exercise 6; Reread LESSON 1. Take out exercise 5: stamp #18 Begin exercise 6… Quiz Friday (lessons 1 and 2). Plorare , plorans , plorat [1].

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latin iii
Latin III
  • HW: Ex. 5
  • Take out exercise 3: stamp #25
  • Attempt exercise 5 while stamping…all these words mean “each”
hw finish exercise 6 reread lesson 1
HW: Finish exercise 6; Reread LESSON 1
  • Take out exercise 5: stamp #18
  • Begin exercise 6…
  • Quiz Friday (lessons 1 and 2)
plorare plorans plorat 1
Plorare, plorans, plorat [1]
  • Ridere, ridens, ridet [2]
  • Surgere, surgens, surgit [3]
  • Dormire, dormiens, dormit [4]
  • 6. oviserrans (=quae errat)
  • oviserrantes

Membumdolens (quod dolet)

  • Membradolentia (neuter pl=ntia)
  • 7. canislatrans
  • Canes latrantes
  • 8. animal volans
  • Animaliavolantia
  • 9. Stella lucens
  • Stellaelucentes
ntes m or f pl ntia neuter pl
-ntes (m or f pl)ntia (neuter pl)
  • Caput quod dolet (neuter)
  • Ovis quae errat (feminine)
  • Puer qui ridet (masculine)
quiz tomorrow on lessons 1 and 2
Quiz tomorrow on lessons 1 and 2
  • Study exercises 2 and 5: Fill in the blank
  • Study exercises 3 and 6: Answering questions in Latin
  • Singular and plural participles:
  • Puellaplorans (sing.)
  • Puellaeplorantes (pl.)
latin 1
Latin 1
  • Please take out your “Ut vales, etc” notes
  • Quiz Thursday (meals, clothes, basic conversation)
  • Latin Club meets Thursday: Roman Total War!!
  • Tomorrow and Wednesday: in library
togae vestimenta virorum

Togae: vestimentavirorum

  • Toga praetexta:
  • worn by Senators
  • worn by boys until the age of 16.

All Roman boys wore the toga praetexta until the age of 16, when they exchanged it for the toga virilis.

Toga virilis: “toga of manhood”/ worn for dressy occasions and not usually in your own house

toga candida
Toga candida
  • A bright, dazzling, white toga worn by those running for office
  • What English word?
toga picta
Toga picta
  • Dyed purple and embroidered with gold
  • Worn by generals in a triumph

Tunic. Worn for comfort in everyday life by merchants, farmers, etc. and under togas

Portrait of anonymous Roman man.

vestimenta feminarum

A statue of a Roman woman wearing a stola (the long pleated dress) and a palla (the cloth draped around her body).

fibulae sing fibula
Fibulae (sing. Fibula)

Pinned a Roman woman’s dress at the shoulders

vir se vestit vir togam induit
Vir se vestit!Virtogaminduit.

Btw, Romans did wear underwear sometimes! ‘Underwear’ dicitursubligarvelsubligaculum.

Women wore tunics as underwear.

utrum bracchium est nudum

Bracchiumdextrumestnudum. Bracchiumsinistrum a toga operitur.

roman meals
Roman Meals

Garum/liquamen: sauce of fermented fish parts; eaten daily


Ientaculum: breakfast; bread with garum, olives, cheese, milk, wine or mulsum (half honey/half wine)

  • Prandium: light lunch; cold meat, vegetables, fruits (postprandial)
  • Cena: dinner; largest meal of the day with many courses
the courses of a cena
The courses of a “cena”
  • Gustus: appetizers; eggs, raw vegetables, seafood
  • Cena: cooked meat and vegetables (main course)
  • Secundamensa: pastries and fruits
  • “Abovousque ad mala”
what the romans didn t eat
What the Romans didn’t eat…
  • Pasta, oranges, peanuts, potatoes, rice, tomatoes, tea, coffee, butter, and sugar
  • Honey was their sweetener
  • How do we know what they ate?
    • Apicius(ancient Roman who wrote a cookbook), some discussions in literature, mosaics and frescoes
the mother s responsibilities
The mother’s responsibilities
  • Oversee the running of the household—generally confined to domestic responsibilities
  • Help provide a moral education
  • Prepare sons for service to the state as officials
  • Prepare their daughters to become wives and raise dutiful citizens
patria potestas
“Patria Potestas”
  • “A Father’s Power”
  • Read the packet to find out exactly how much power a Roman father had over his family.
  • Fill in the notes sheet.
  • If you finish early, begin your HW : Exercise 9: Practicing I, II, and III.