physical activity a healthy back good posture n.
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PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: A Healthy Back & Good Posture PowerPoint Presentation
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PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: A Healthy Back & Good Posture

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PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: A Healthy Back & Good Posture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: A Healthy Back & Good Posture. Lesson 5.2 S.JETT, NBCT MONTEVALLO MIDDLE Fitness for life – Corbin & lindsey. Back Problems.

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physical activity a healthy back good posture

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY:A Healthy Back & Good Posture

Lesson 5.2



Fitness for life – Corbin & lindsey

back problems
Back Problems

Each year, 25 million Americans seek doctor’s care for back problems making back pain the leading complaint in the medical field. In this lesson, you will learn how fitness can prevent some of these back problems.

Backache is considered to be a hypokintic condition because of the weak and short muscles in the back, and this also leads to poor posture. Even if you have never experienced back problems, a healthy back and good posture are important so that you can function more efficiently.

back problems1
Back Problems

How does good fitness help the back operate more efficiently? Your body parts are balanced like blocks on top of your legs. Your chest hangs from your spine and is balanced over your pelvis. Your head is on top of your spine. Since your spine is flexible, it will move back and forth, the pull of your muscles keeps your body balanced. One back problem that occurs with teens is lordosis, which is too much arch in the lower back. It is also referred to is swayback, and results when the abdominal muscles are weak and can lead to backache.

back problems2
Back Problems

Even people that are relatively fit in other areas can lack fitness in the back area. One reason for this lack of fitness is that some sports and activities often overdevelop some muscles while neglecting others. It is not unusual for basketball players, gymnasts, band members, and other active people to have a weak back, weak abs, short hamstrings and short hip-flexor muscles which can all lead to back problems.

posture problems
Posture Problems

Just as strong, long muscles contribute to a healthy back, they are also important to good posture. Knowing what constitutes good posture helps improve your own posture. Good posture helps you look good, helps prevent back problems, and helps you work and play more efficiently.

back and posture improvement
Back and Posture Improvement

Since back problems are often related to poor posture, some exercises for improving posture have been included in this lesson. Also, some biomechanical principles will help you improve your posture and avoid back problems.

Use the large muscles of the body when lifting. (Lift with legs).

When lifting, keep your weight (hips)low.

Divide a load and make it easier to carry.

Avoid twisting while lifting.

Push or pull heavy objects rather than lifting them.

Avoid a bent-over position when sitting, standing or lifting.

exercises that are good for the spine
Exercises that are good for the spine

Curl ups

Trunk lifts

Prone leg lifts

Reverse curl ups

Knee to chest

Single leg hangs

Prone arm and leg lifts