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  3. Early Years Steve Jobs was born on February 24th 1955. Steve was adopted at birth by Paul and Clara Jobs. His birth parents were not married and having children from unwed relationships was frowned upon in the 1950’s. When Steve was young he never cared much for school. His 4th grade teacher used to bribe him with candy and money. And it Worked. He skipped the 5th grade and went straight to middle school.

  4. Spark of Interest Steve was quite interested in Heath kits. These are small electronic circuit boards that let you build hundreds of different projects simply by re-wiring in different configurations

  5. College Steve attended Reed College in Oregon. Like school, he did not like college very much. He wasn’t sure what direction his life would go in so he opted to drop out after a few months. This allowed him to “drop in” on any classes he was interested in. He would sleep on his friends floors and was basically homeless. He would take back empty bottles for the five cent deposit to eat at times. However, Steve was making friends and they would prove to be a shaping force in his life.

  6. Spiritual While Steve studied at Reed, he began to explore eastern mysticisms. He also started to experiment with new dietary habits. He thought if he only ate fruits he would eliminate all mucus from his body and he would no longer need to shower. He became a hippie and a member of the counterculture. He took a pilgrimage to India where he searched for “Enlightenment”.

  7. Broadening Horizons Steve experimented with psychedelics during the mid 70’s and had this to say about his experiences with LSD; “It was one of the two or three most important things I've done in My life “ He would later say that people around him who did not share his counterculture roots could never fully relate to his thinking.

  8. FIRST JOB In 1974 when pop bottles couldn’t feed him anymore he decided to get a job. Steve’s first job was with Atari. The first major developer of video games. Steve would actually be forced to work the night shift because his co-workers complained that he smelled pretty bad.


  10. The New Company In order to come up with the $1000 to start the new company Steve had to sell his Volkswagen Van and Steve Wozniac sold his HP 65 calculator. Steve Wozniac made this statement: “Well, even if we loose money, We’ll have a company. For once in our lives we’ll have a company”.

  11. Apples Early Years Now that the company was in its infancy they needed a logo. Steve asked the marketing firm for one thing; “Don’t Make it cute”. They came up with the idea of an apple with a bite out of it. Or, as I like to say an apple with a byte out of it.

  12. Apple I In 1974 Steve’s friend and business partner, Steve Wozniac had designed and built a computer that was better than anything that was out at the time. At the time most computers only contained flashing lights and only completed simple mathematical computations. The new computer had a monitor and would allow for many new possibilities. Now, Graphics and text became an integral part of the computers main functions.

  13. APPLE ][ In 1976 the prototype for the Apple II was almost complete. They would go to major computer festivals to not only show the new version of the Apple but also to try and sell it. They soon had investors and built their first 1000 machines. Apple was officially on it’s way.

  14. Baby Lisa In 1978 Steve’s former girlfriend, Chris-Ann Brennan showed up and claimed she was carrying Steve’s baby. Steve denied that it was his child though everyone who was close to him knew that it was his baby. It made little sense to most that he would deny his paternity when he had suffered so greatly from having been abandoned himself. Lisa would be nearly nine years old before Steve would fully acknowledge that she was his.

  15. Steve Leaves Apple Steve was never easy to work with. While he was working on the “Macintosh” project he would often times talk badly about Apple employees who were working on other projects. He also had personal conflicts with the C.E.O., John Sculley. In April, 1985 It was decided that Steve no longer held a management position. Despite what many people believe, Steve was never fired from Apple. From May to September of 1985 Steve was still Chairman of the Board.

  16. NeXT On September 13th 1985 Steve announced a new venture to Apple. At first they backed him but as soon as they realized he wanted to start a NEW company they no longer backed his idea. Steve announced his resignation from Apple on September 17th 1985. He took several top employees with him and formed a new company. This new company was formed to design and build a powerful high end computer they would name “NeXT”

  17. The Perfect Company NeXT’s Logo Cant we all just get along? When Steve formed this new company he would only accept people who liked each other and got along. Everyone had a great attitude about what they were doing(unlike at Apple).

  18. Reunion In 1987 Steve found his birth parents . It was then that he learned that a couple of years after he was born his parents actually got married. They also had given birth to a daughter named Mona. This was Steve’s biological sister. It was during this same time that Steve embraced Lisa as his daughter and began to spend time with her.

  19. Pixar

  20. Computer Animation In 1986 Steve received a call from Lucasfilm who had previously tried to sell Steve Pixar for 30 million dollars. They could not find a buyer and so they offered Steve the company for 10 million. 1/3 the original cost. Steve bought Pixar as a “hobby”. It would prove to be a money pit for many years to come. Steve along with developers on the Pixar payroll would work at designing new technology to use for the production of full-length animated movies.

  21. PIXAR SAVED BY TOYS Toy Story was released on Thanksgiving 1995. And though it cost 27 million to produce, it made 28 million the opening weekend. It went on to make over 160 million total. This alone made Steve start to think about taking the company public. One week after the release of “Toy Story” The company went public. This made Steve Jobs a billionaire for the first time. He netted approximately 1.5 billion dollars from the IPO. In fact, it was the most successful IPO in history.

  22. RETURN TO APPLE In November 1996 Apple began to look for a new Operating System for their machines. Their old one had proven to be obsolete and slow. They had several in mind but they decided to go with the OS that Steve’s company “NeXT” had been using. It was called “NeXTSTEP”. Steve managed to sell this to Apple for 400 million dollars. Over twice what the other companies were asking for theirs. Steve was then appointed an “Informal Advisor” to then CEO Gil Amelio. He was back!

  23. Moving On Up In July 1997 after continually loosing money, totaling over 1 billion dollars, Apple decided to fire their CEO, Gil Amelio. They offered the position to Steve Jobs. Steve declined. Accepting only to be the chairman and “interim” CEO. By July 1999 Steve had completely turned Apple around. He restored the company’s image, implemented new strategies and launched awesome new products on the worldwide market.

  24. C.E.O. At a keynote address at Macworld on January 5th 2000 Steve declared he would accept the companies full time CEO position. When the crowd heard this announcement Steve received a standing ovation. The crowd was on its feet and was cheering. Applauding their new leader.

  25. 1,000 Songs in your Pocket In October 2001 Apple introduced a new device that would revolutionize the way we listen to music. The IPOD quickly became one of the best selling audio devices of all time. It would be a driving force in making Apple one of the most popular electronic companies in existence.

  26. iTUNES On April 2003 Steve unveiled the itunes store. This was the place where IPod owners could go to legally download music for their IPod's. The songs were $.99 cents each with albums costing $9.99

  27. Health Problems In October 2003 while performing a routine abdominal scan doctors discovered a tumor growing on Steve’s pancreas. This was a cancerous tumor but a rare form. Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer and usually goes undetected. However, this rare form of cancer was far less deadly. True to his beliefs in Eastern mysticism he thought he could cure his cancer through a special diet.

  28. Steve agreed to have surgery in August of 2004. It was then that the news of his illness became public. He returned as CEO in September telling everyone that he was “Cured”. He did seem to be better until the cancer resurfaced three years later in 2008. Steve appeared to be loosing weight and had a noticeably gaunt appearance. To make the situation even worse the press agency Bloomberg accidentally published his obituary in late August 2008. On September 9th Steve would quote Mark Twain and say; “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

  29. IPHONE In January of 2007 Apple released the IPhone. It was an IPod, a phone and a computer all in one. They released this as an AT&T exclusive for the first 5 years. The touch screen display was its most revolutionary feature and has since been copied by most companies.

  30. IPAD In January 2010 Steve introduced the Ipad. This was a simple and easy to use tablet. Steve was back. Again. Apple sold 7.5 million of these by September 2010.

  31. Finally Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy 10 years ago and is now one of the most powerful high tech companies on earth today. I personally have a lot of respect for anyone who can go through what Steve has gone through and come out on top. To be forced from the company you co-founded and still have the fortitude to come back and rescue it all those years later. I believe that Steve was a Visionary and his legacy will live on forever in the products we use and the innovations that he pioneered.


  33. DEATH Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th 2011 around 3pm. He passed from complications due to a relapse of his pancreatic cancer. He was surrounded by his family. Upon his death Apple released this statement; "We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today. Steve's brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve. His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts.”

  34. MY LITERACY It is easy for me to draw the lines between Steve Jobs, a billionaire from California and myself, A student from Michigan. When I was in kindergarten in 1979 my teachers did not believe in left handed children. As a result I was forced to learn how to write with my right hand. When I was made to do this my handwriting was never ever the same. I have very bad handwriting and regardless of how much time I take or neatly I try it remains barely legible.

  35. When I was in sixth grade our school got our first Apple ][ computers. When I used a computer and printed my papers all of a sudden my work looked just like everyone else's. Just like someone who has lost a leg and get’s a prosthetic limb to help them look and feel normal, now my handwriting “fit in” with everyone else’s. It may seem simple to others but to me it meant the world. Though many people before him laid the groundwork, Steve co-founded the company that made computers affordable and accessible to students and homes throughout the nation. So for that, I say Thank you Steve.

  36. TIMELINE 1974- I was born -Steve started work at Atari 1979- I started Kindergarten(switched left to right) -Apple ][ sells 35,000 units 1980- I started 1st Grade - Apple goes public 1984- I started 5th Grade - Mcintosh is released 1985- 6Th grade/ Our first computers in class - Steve leaves Apple for NeXT 1986- 7th Grade - Steve Buys Pixar 1992- I graduated High School - Steve licensed NeXTSTEP 1996- My First Child Was Conceived - Steve is back as CEO of Apple 2011- Back to school after 20 years - Steve Jobs Passed away October 5th 2011