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  1. English

  2. Be prepared for class • Please get out the notebook for English class

  3. Policies and Expectations • Syllabus

  4. Audio Essay • Please answer these questions as you listen • What is the author’s main point? • What are the specific and concrete examples they give for believing this? List at least 3 concrete examples. • Essay:

  5. Important Moments Activity

  6. Share in small groups • Begin homework

  7. Homework • For the remainder of class and for homework tonight, you are to create an outline for the event you described. Specific words and details will help make the next step easier. Please write down the format as this will be the outline for your essay. • This is due next class period.

  8. Outline • I. Brief description of event • A. What lesson and/or value did I learn? • B. How did it make me feel about it then? • C. How have I used this lesson since, when I make decisions? • D. How do I feel about it now?

  9. Example • I. Not being allowed to go to a concert with friends last summer • A. I learned that I can’t always get what I want, even if I don’t understand why. I learned about respect and self-control. • B. At the time, I was upset, mad, jealous, and didn’t agree with my mom’s decision.

  10. C. After that day, I know I might not be able to do everything I want to do. • D. I am still sad I missed it, but starting to understand why I couldn’t go. • Some of my friends got in trouble for trying to stay out too late and maybe that is why my mom didn’t want me to go.

  11. Further Instructions • Homework should be written in neat handwriting, blue or black and in complete sentences.

  12. Advisory • Explanation of grades and class expectations

  13. Study Hall Rules • Absolutely no talking/distracting behavior • Chance to be working on homework for other class and receive additional help

  14. Resource • • Video: • Sample: •

  15. Categories • Personal Contact • Information, Academic Information, Honors and Awards, Community • Service, Clubs and Organizations, Hobbies and Interests.

  16. Reasons to have a resume • job applications • internship applications • college recruiter interviews • college applications • scholarship applications • support for a letter of recommendation

  17. Building a resume • Jot down a few words that characterize you. How would you “sell” yourself to someone who knows nothing about you and you wanted to impress? • How would you describe their abilities, interests, skills, grades, awards, and persistence? • A résumé is a way to introduce yourself to someone who does not know you.

  18. Journal Prompt You may use your English notebook to write in. Please consider: • How will a résumé be helpful to you? • What will be most difficult category to complete? • Where can you find most of your information?