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Job Interview

Leping. Job Interview. “ 耐寒”人才挤爆招聘会 应聘者达万人. Pre-reading task. How should you get prepared for a job interview? How should you behave yourself in a job interview?. Answer ? . Preparations for an interview. Know the exact time and place of the interview, the interviewer’s full name,

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Job Interview

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  1. Leping Job Interview “耐寒”人才挤爆招聘会 应聘者达万人

  2. Pre-reading task • How should you get prepared for a job interview? • How should you behave yourself in a job interview? Answer ? 

  3. Preparations for an interview • Know • the exact time and place of the interview, • the interviewer’s full name, • the correct pronunciation and • his or her title.

  4. Preparations for an interview 2. Learn • proper facts about the company such as: • production, sales , • principal lines of business • location

  5. Preparations for an interview 3. Find out • why the hiring manager and/or client representative is interested in your qualifications (strong points)

  6. Preparations for an interview • Determine whether and how the opportunity will impact your • immediate • and long-term career development

  7. Preparations for an interview 5. Ask • the right questions during the interview, because your questions allow the hiring manager to evaluate your professional and personal needs.

  8. Preparations for an interview 6. Put • wear proper clothes • greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and • an enthusiastic smile

  9. Some “DOs” and “DON’Ts” – 1 • Arrive on time or a few minutes earlier. • Fill out the application form, if presented, neatly and completely. • Greet the interviewer by his/her last name with a title if you are sure of the pronunciation. If not, ask the employer to repeat it. • Give the appearance of energy as you walk. • Be genuinely glad to meet the interviewer

  10. Some “DOs” and “DON’Ts” – 2 • Make objective remarks about your present or former employers. • Be a good listener and a good communicator. • And if the interviewer steers the conversation into politics or controversial issues, try to do more listening than speaking since this could be a sensitive situation. • Always conduct yourself as if you are determined to get the job you are discussing. • Show enthusiasm. If you are not interested, your responsiveness will still demonstrate your professionalism

  11. Some “DOs” and “DON’Ts” – 3 1. Don’t over-answer questions. 2. Don’t inquire about salary, vacations, bonuses, retirement, etc, in the interview, unless you are sure the employer is interested in hiring you. 3. Don’t sit unless you are offered a chair. Sit upright, look alert and interested at all times. 4. Don’t lie. Answer questions truthfully and frankly. 5. Don’t forget to bring a copy of your resume

  12. Some “DOs” and “DON’Ts” – 4 6. Don’t answer questions with a simple “yes” or “ no”. 7. Don’t smoke, even if the interviewer does and offers you a cigarette. Don’t chew gum. Suppose: You are now in a job interview for a position of sales. The interview is taking place in a manager’s office. One plays a role of an interviewee and the other an interviewer.

  13. Different Perspectives What you just talked about is the preparation from the interviewee’s perspective. Now let’s study the text to get the author’s view, which is from the interviewer’s perspective, and see what qualities an employer is looking for. Now, let’s first work out the text structure. How many parts can the text be divided into? Where is the first part? ;l

  14. Harvey B. Marckay • Harvey Marckay is chairman and chief executive office (CEO) of Marvey Envelope Corporation, a business he founded in Minneapolis in 1954. Marvey Envelope employs 500 people and manufactures 13 million envelopes per day. Harvey is the author of Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive, which was on the New York Times best seller list fro 54 weeks and rated the No. 1 business book in the US for 1988.

  15. Harvey B. Mackay Sharks has been translated into 35 languages and distributed in 80 countries around the world. Fortune magazine refers to him as “Mr. Make Things Happen”.

  16. Chandler Bing in a job interview (Friends-821) Joey: But how come you're not going? Chandler: I can't. I've got job interview I got to get ready for. Joey: I thought you already have a job. Chandler: And people say you don't pay attention. No, no, this is a much better job. It's vice-president the company that does data reconfiguration and statistical factoring for other companies. Joey: Wow. How do you know how to do that? Chandler: That's what I do now.

  17. Chandler Bing in a job interview (Friends-821) Chandler: Hey, Phoebe. Fatty. Phoebe: Hey, Chandler, why so fancy? Chandler: Well, I got a job interview. It's kind of a big deal, too. It's a lot more money, and I'd be doing data reconfiguration and statistical factoring. Phoebe: Wait, I think I know someone who does that. Chandler: Me. I do that. So, seriously, do I, do I look okay? I'm a little nervous.

  18. Chandler Bing in a job interview (Friends-821) Rachel: Oh, yeah, you really, you look great. Phoebe: Just don't get your hopes up. Chandler: Why not? Phoebe: Well, the interview. Chandler: What about it? Phoebe: You know. You don't make a very good first impression. Chandler: What? Phoebe: Oh, you don't know. Chandler: Are you serious?

  19. Chandler Bing in a job interview (Friends-821) Phoebe: Yes. When I first met you, you were, like... It was, like... Chandler: What is it that I do? Phoebe: Well, it's just like you're trying too hard – always making jokes, you know? You come off a little needy. Chandler: Did you like me when we first met? Rachel: Chandler, I'm not going to lie you.But I am going to run away from you.

  20. Chandler Bing in a job interview (Friends-821) Chandler: I can't even believe this. I really come off that badly? Phoebe: Oh, it's okay. You calm down after a while and then people can see how really sweet and wonderful you really are. Chandler: Oh, good, good. Because I'm sure this interview is going to last a couple of weeks. Phoebe: All right, don't freak out, okay? I, I will help you. How long before you have to leave? Chandler: An hour.

  21. Chandler Bing in a job interview (Friends-821) Phoebe: I can't help you. Chandler: Phoebe... Phoebe: All right, all right we'll just do our best, okay? So let's say that I'm the interviewer and I'm meeting you for the first time. Okay-- hi, come on in. I'm Regina Fellangi. Chandler: Chandler Bing. Phoebe: Oh, Bing. What an unusual name. Chandler: Well, you should meet my uncle, Bada. I'll let myself out.

  22. Chandler Bing in a job interview (Friends-823) Chandler: I think you'll find if I come to work here that I don't micromanage. I don't shy away from delegating. Phoebe: Mm-hmm, that's good to know. But let's stop focusing on what you don't do and focus on what you do do. Chandler: What I do do... is manage to create an atmosphere of support for the people working with me. Phoebe: I see. Nice sidestep on the do do thing, by the way. Chandler: Hardest thing I've ever done in my life.

  23. Chandler Bing in a job interview (Friends-821) Phoebe:You got to go! Okay, don't worry. You're ready. Chandler: Really? Phoebe: Absolutely. Just fight all your natural instincts and you'll be great.

  24. Chandler Bing in a job interview (Friends-824) Chandler: Also, I was the point person on my company's transition from the KL-5 to GR-6 systems. Interviewer: You must have had your hands full. Chandler: That I did. That I did. Interviewer: So, let's talk a little bit about your duties. Chandler: My doodies? All right. Interviewer: You'll be heading a whole division so you'll have a lot of duties. Chandler: I see.

  25. Chandler Bing in a job interview (Friends-821) Interviewer: But there'll be perhaps 30 people under you, so you can dump a certain amount on them. Chandler: Good to know. Interviewer: We could go into detail.... Chandler: No, don't, I beg of you. Interviewer: All right, then. We'll have a definite answer for you on Monday but I think I can say with some confidence you'll fit in well here. Chandler: Really?

  26. Chandler Bing in a job interview (Friends-821) Interviewer: Absolutely. You can relax. You did great. Chandler: I got to say thank you. I was really nervous. I've been told I come on too strong make too many jokes and then it was really hard to sidestep that doody thing. Doodies?. Interviewer: Duties. Chandler: Poo. Interviewer: Poo?

  27. Chandler Bing in a job interview (Friends-821) Chandler: Oh, my God, this doesn't count, okay? The interview was over. That was the real Chandler Bing in there. This is just some crazy guy out in the hall. Call security! There's a crazy guy out in the hall! Interviewer: Poo? Chandler: I'll look forward to your call.

  28. Word Study Let v. ( in the introduction part) Let sb. into ( a secret of/that) 1. tell sb. a secret of/that 2. let sb. come into 1. I’ll let you into a secret that I’m being sent abroad to stduy. 2. He let himself into the study with a spare key.

  29. Text Analysis • Part One Paras.1-6 Questions: • Did the job applicant answer all the questions at the interview? • What answer did the interviewer get from the job applicant? • What conclusion can you draw from his failure to answer all the questions? • What can be the main idea for the first part? A recent college graduate failed to answer the questions at an interview because of a lack of preparation.

  30. Text Analysis • Part Two Paras.7-27 • What does the author mainly talk about in this part? • What are they? • Four pieces of advice on being a successful interviewee

  31. Part 2 Question for Prepare to Win • What conclusion can you draw from the 1st tip? • ---Success goes to those who are well prepared.

  32. Part 2 Question for Never Stop Learning • What conclusion can you draw from the 2nd tip? • ---One can never be too old to learn?

  33. Part 2 Question for Believe in Yourself--- • What conclusion can you make from the 3rd tip? • ---People should get confidence and set a goal in life.

  34. Part 2 Question for Find a Way to Make a Difference • What conclusion can you draw from the 4th tip? • ---One should try to do something different in his favour.

  35. Michael Jordan (1963---) • The American professional basketball player was born on Feb. 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York. Many people regarded him as the greatest player in Basketball history. Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships (1991-1993, 1996-1998). His widespread appeal to fans helped make basketball one of the world’s most popular spectator sports.

  36. Michael Jordan (1963---) • Jordan’s popularity has spread well beyond scoring titles, championships, and other aspects of the NBA. He has become one of the most recognized individuals in the world.

  37. Roger Bannister (1929---) He was a British physician and the first athlete in history to run a mile in less than 4 minutes. Bannister was born in Harrow, England. In 1946 He went to Oxford University to study medicine, developed all his spare time to the track and

  38. Basically, it was widely assumed that to run the distance of a mile in under 4 minutes was impossible for a human being. Bannister believed it was possible, and used his knowledge as a physician to give him as much as possible. At a meeting in 1954, he set a world record finishing the race in a time of 3 minutes 59 point four seconds. Roger Bannister (1929---)

  39. Roger Bannister (1929---) ~ Record was broken within 2 months by Australian athlete John Landy, who set a record of 3 minutes 58 seconds. Bannister went on to race Landy to decide who the world best miler was----Bannister won. He will always be remembered as the man who ran the miracle mile.

  40. Text Analysis • Part Three Paras. 28-31 • Everyone should make his or her own tracks in whatever he or she does.

  41. Language Study • applicant: n. ~ (for sth.) • a person who applies for sth., esp. a post • One vacant position availabe may draw dozens of applicants. • - applicable (to sb/sth) • - application • - applied

  42. Language Study • Check with (L.9) 1. consult 咨询,联系 • I want to check with my lawyer before I sign the paper. 2. Agree with 符合, 核对无误 The figures check with the bank statement. 这些数字与银行的报表相符.

  43. Language Study • 2. Grill (L.11): • vt. (infml) question intensely; • When the policeman grilled the two drivers involved in a car • accident, a large crowd of passers-by clustered. • vt./vi. cook under or over direct heat • They grilled lamb, beef and fish at the barbecue party. • bake: usu. bread or cake, not meat or poultry • barbecue: usu. Outdoors • roast: usu. in an oven

  44. Language Study 3. Mock (L.11): 1) adj (attrib) not real; substitute a mock exam , a mock interview 2)vt. vi.~(at sb /sth) make fun of(sb/sth) It’s wrong to mock (at) the disadvantaged.

  45. Language Study 4.follow up (L.15): 1) take further action on sth; Please follow up your visit to him with frequent calls. 2) investigate sth closely The local government was commanded to follow up the gas explosion.

  46. Language Study 5.prospective (L.20): adj. (esp. attrib) likely to become or be The chief function of direct-mail advertising is to familiarize prospective buyers with goods. College students are prospective buyers of this line of products. - perspective

  47. Language Study 6. as I see it (L.21): in my opinion As I see it, a wider gap between the poor and the rich is sort of attributed to corruption. 7.(as) the saying goes (L.23): as the proverb runs As the saying goes, “Once bitten, twice shy.”

  48. Language Study 8. Endeavor (L.30): 1).vi. try ( to do sth. ) Our central government has endeavored to increase farmers’ income by exempting tax. 2). n. an effort or attempt to do sth. Schools should make every endeavor to relieve students of their burden and pressure. -attempt (more fml than try) -strive

  49. Language Study • Odd (L.31) • n. probability that sth will (not) happen 可能性, 机会 • If you drive a car carelessly, the odds are that you’ll have an accident. • The odds (that he will win the race) are against /on him (10 to 1). • The odds against/ on his winning the race are 10 to 1.

  50. Language Study • Lengthen/ Shorten the odds =Increase/Decrease the odds (US) 增加/减少可能性 --- More physical exercises lengthen the odds that you can have a better sleep.

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