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Job interview

Job interview

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Job interview

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  1. Job interview How to behave in an job interview Jan Bollen /

  2. First 2 questions at an interview100 % sure 1 Could you easy find our company Answer: yes, you are housed on a good location and in a nice environment. How many people work here? 2 Do you want to drink a coffee / tea? Answer: yes, I like

  3. Second 2 situations in Company50 % sure 3 The interviewer will tell you something about the company Be prepared and know something about the products of the company. 4 Can you tell something about yourself? Answer: use the results of the DISC analysis

  4. Expectations from company point of view The company is looking for a person who: Is good motivated (Enthusiastic) Is flexible (Can adapt to company culture) Wants to learn (Personal professional development) Fits in the company people environment (DISC) Has qualifications for the job, or can learn fast (Level match) Is pleasant in talking with. (Social skills)

  5. Tips for a successful interview 1/2 Try to find out as much as you can about office culture. Dressing appropriately . Jeans, gum chewing and sunglasses are never appropriate - no matter how casual the office might be. Show up 10 minutes before. Don't show up a half hour early, or too late. Know your interviewer's name. It will make a good first impression. Be interesting.  Don't be afraid to say something interesting. (good questions?) Research what the job profile. You need to know what is expected for the job.

  6. Tips for a successful interview 2/2 Stay CalmDuring the job interview try to relax and stay calm. Eye contact Maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Listen careful Listen to the entire question before you answer. Don't lie  It won't take long for an employer to figure it out. Come prepared Have concrete examples of your professional or social successes.

  7. Verbal Communication Versus Non-verbal Communication Active Versus Passive Relax; Good Atmosphere !!

  8. Some mistakes at an interview 1/4 Dressing inappropriately. Not taking a phone interview as seriously as an in-person interview. Leaving your cell phone on. Chewing gum. Wearing sunglasses. Bringing a cup of coffee or other drink with you. Bringing another person with you to the interview. Showing up early / late.

  9. Some mistakes at an interview 2/4 Not knowing the interviewer's name. Not introducing yourself. Interrupting the interviewer to take a call. Playing with your hair. Saying "ummm" or "you know" or "like" too often. Mumbling and using poor grammar. Not smiling enough.

  10. Some mistakes at an interview 3/4 Not making eye contact with the interviewer. Criticizing your last company or boss. Not paying attention to the questions you're asked. Forgetting the names of the companies you've worked for in the past. Telling the interviewer that you really need the job or the money. Not knowing enough about the company you are interviewing with.

  11. Some mistakes at an interview 4/4 Asking about salary and benefits right away. When asked "Why do you want to work for our company?" providing answers that are focused on you instead of on how you will benefit the company. Not have relevant questions to ask when asked, "What questions do you have?“ Neglecting to thank the interviewer for the opportunity to meet with him or her. Not sending a thank you note after the interviewer.