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Job - Interview

Job - Interview. If you got an invitation for the interview you had a great success ! You can present yourself personally!. Job - Interview. Preparing: - get many information about the company read newspapers see website …. Job - Interview.

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Job - Interview

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  1. Job - Interview

  2. If you got an invitation for the interview you had a great success! You can present yourself personally! Job - Interview

  3. Preparing:- get many information about the company • read newspapers • see website • … Job - Interview

  4. Preparing:- Plan exactly how to come to the company • Which route, which subway ? • Be in time! Job - Interview

  5. Interview:· Before entering: Switch off your mobile-phone! Job - Interview

  6. Interview:- Most important are the first 10 seconds when you enter the room. - Smile! Look in the direction of your partner! - Don’t wait at the door. Go slowly into the room. Job - Interview

  7. Interview:- Normally he/she will shake your hands (Europeans do this also with women!!!). - Then wait to be seated. Job - Interview

  8. Interview:- This is your show! If your partner don’t asks many questions, you can talk or ask. • Ask questions with how?, when?, where?, who?, what? • Show that you are interested! ??? Job - Interview

  9. Interview:- The rule: 70% speak and 30% hear. Job - Interview

  10. Interview:- Ask if you are allowed to note some points of the interview. Job - Interview

  11. Your appearance:- Say “Hallo” to the guard, the secretary, other employees, when you enter the company. Job - Interview

  12. Your appearance:- If you have to wait bring a newspaper with you. Don’t become nervous! Job - Interview

  13. Your appearance:- No new clothes!!! • No fashion-experiments. • No strong colored neckties. • No white socks. • Your interview partner shall look in your face, not at your clothes. Job - Interview

  14. Body language:- Be open. Don’t close your arms. - Build no barriers on your desk in front of (books, coffee-cup, …). Job - Interview

  15. Body language:- Look up, almost in the face of your partner. - Don’t look down on the desk, on your feet or on your pencil. X Job - Interview

  16. Body language:- Try to sit relaxed and try to sit like your partner. Both feet on the ground! Job - Interview

  17. Body language: Don’t move your hands very often. Job - Interview

  18. Possible questions from your interviewer:- Tell us about the main points of your education, your job experience. • What are your positive points? • - What are your weak points ? Job - Interview

  19. Possible questions from your interviewer:- What kind of work or things do you hate? • How do you react if you have stress? • What do you know about the company? • Why did you look for a job in our company? Job - Interview

  20. Possible questions from your interviewer:- Why should we employ you? • What would you do first if you start working in our company? • - What would you change if you could start your life new? • - What will you do in 15 or 20 years? Job - Interview

  21. Sometimes questions can be provoking or unfair. • The interviewer wants to test your reaction and behaviour:- Why did you wear clothes like this? • Why are you so nervous? • Do you think that you can find a job with your kind of CV? Job - Interview

  22. Questions you should ask:- Questions about the company • Questions about your position • Questions about the possible career in the company • Questions about salary, training, holidays, ...etc Job - Interview

  23. Do not … - Do not talk badly about your previous position, internship, job. - Do not leave the interview without stating your interest. - Do not lower your attention at the end, because they can ask you that “last question” at that precise moment. Job - Interview

  24. The result:- Don’t leave the room without some remarks on the interview. • - Tell the interviewer that you liked the interview. • Tell him that you would like to work in this company, that this job is very interesting for you. • Ask your interviewer what he/she is thinking about this interview Job - Interview

  25. Say “Good bye” to all people which you meet in the room, at the floor, at the door. Job - Interview

  26. end Job - Interview

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