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Earobics Instructional Model PowerPoint Presentation
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Earobics Instructional Model

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Earobics Instructional Model - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Earobics Instructional Model

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Earobics Instructional Model

“Earobics is a powerful and transformative multisensory reading intervention for raising academic achievement and empowering school districts, principals, and teachers to strengthen and rejuvenate their reading curriculums to meet the needs of diverse student populations.

Built on more than a decade of research, and in use in more than 8,000 schools nationwide, Earobics builds individualized reading instruction in all of the areas deemed critical by the National Reading Panel.

It helps educators address the challenges of reading through technology, multimedia materials, and professional development. Using a “right-tool-for-the-task” approach, Earobics delivers highly differentiated instruction for students in pre-kindergarten to third grade, and provides the support each student needs to succeed.” – Earobics web site

There are two phases in The Earobics program, Foundations and Connections. The students start with the Foundations part of the program and then move to the Connections. This program is also available for your child to continue as they move to Simpson Elementary.