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French government’s scholarships PowerPoint Presentation
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French government’s scholarships

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French government’s scholarships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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French government’s scholarships
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  1. Poznan, 20/2/2008 French government’s scholarships

  2. What is it? Scholarship program run by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Each year 22 000 students from all around the world get to come in France with a grant. 350 polish candidates in 2007. 160 granted  Grants are allocated by the cultural and scientific service (SCAC) of the French Embassy.

  3. Who is concerned?  Polish students with a master degree (Master 2) and who want to continue studying in France: Master II PhD Young polish researchers who want to supplement their research in France All fields

  4. Type of scholarships?

  5. Distribution of the candidates according to the type of scholarship (2007-2008) Copernic (3%) Bourse Médicale (1%) Cotutelle (11%) Etudes (13.5%) Recherche (71.5%)

  6. Bourse de co-tutelle Details Supervision: Cotutelle students are enrolled in both institutions involved and undertake their studies under the control and the responsibility of a supervisor in either country.  Agreement: Each Cotutelle project takes place under a reciprocal agreement "Cotutelle Convention" binding the two institutions involved.

  7. Bourse de co-tutelle What is a ‘Bourse de co-tutelle? Doctoral studies supervised jointly by academics from an polish University and a French University. If successful, the student will be awarded a joint doctoral degree by the two institutions. Consequence of a ‘co-tutelle’ agreement.  Cotutelle is possible in all French universities, under French national regulations.

  8. Bourse de co-tutelle Details Duration: PhD in Cotutelle is a normal PhD (normally 3 years) with time shared between the 2 countries - Typically 5 months each year in France. Granting: 767 euros ( 2760 pln a month)  Examination: The PhD study should be defended only once in accordance to what the two institutions have agreed upon in the "Cotutelle Convention".  Award: a joint or double-degree to the student, if successful.

  9. Bourse pour doctorants  Translation : Scholarship for PhD students Slightly different from bourse de co-tutelle. 1 to 10 months in France during one year only.  No need for a co-tutelle agreement. So the procedure is less complicated.  But the student will only get the polish degree.  The granting is 920 euros (3300 pln) a month.

  10. Bourse de recherche Scholarships are aimed to young polish researchers (less than 35 years old). 1 to 4 months between September and December 2008. The granting is ranged between 770 euros (2770 pln) and 1000 euros (3600 pln) a month.  Trip expenses and accommodation are to be paid by the granted.

  11. Where to find information? All information can be found on our website : Section ‘bourse’

  12. Where to find information?

  13. What is the dead line?  29th of February 2008 for Bourse d’études  29th of March for ‘Bourse de co-tutelle’ and ‘bourse de recherche’

  14. How goes selection? All of these scholarships are granted after examination of the candidates’ files.  Interview has to be passed for ‘Bourse de co-tutelle’ and for ‘Bourse pour doctorants’. With embassy agents, polish ministry representative and specialists of the field.  No interview for ‘Bourse de recherche’. Only quality of the student and file.  French is not required but it an advantage.

  15. What do you need to provide? •  Download all documents on our website •  Fill up an application form. •  Motivation letter and CV. • Letter(s) of reference from professors.

  16. Other grant for PhD students: Eiffel Doctorat The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs launched the Eiffel excellence scholarship programme to support French centres of higher education in their international outreach initiatives. In 2005, the scheme was extended with the Eiffel Doctorate programme, addressing high-calibre PhD students. Ten-month co-tutored or co-managed component (preferably second or third year) of PhD course

  17. Other grant for PhD students: Eiffel Doctorat ContactÉgide - Programme Eiffel28 rue de la Grange-aux-Belles75010 ParisTél. : + 33 1 40 40 59 30Télécopie : + 33 1 40 40 59 24Mél. :