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Traumatic Brain Injury Toolkit

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Traumatic Brain Injury Toolkit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Traumatic Brain Injury Toolkit. Traumatic Brain Injury Education Series April 25, 2005. Overview. Why the toolkit was developed How the toolkit is organized Who can use it. TBI Planning Grant.

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traumatic brain injury toolkit

Traumatic Brain Injury Toolkit

Traumatic Brain Injury Education Series

April 25, 2005

  • Why the toolkit was developed
  • How the toolkit is organized
  • Who can use it
tbi planning grant
TBI Planning Grant
  • Grant that looked at current systems for providing services to persons with TBI and their families. This included surveys of:
    • Providers of services
    • People with TBI and their families
  • As a result of statewide stakeholder input from persons with TBI and their families, as well as providers, it became clear that we needed to promote better awareness about brain injury, as well as information about how to access resources
implementation grant
Implementation Grant
  • Three year grant awarded in 2003
  • Goal is to improve access to healthcare and other services for people with TBI
  • Multiple objectives in grant
focus today is on the education and training objective
Focus today is on the education and training objective:

Providing persons with TBI and their families with a product to assist them in learning about TBI and connecting to resources

development of toolkit
Development of Toolkit
  • Directed by persons with TBI and their families
  • Input from providers
  • Collaboration with volunteer work groups, focus groups, grant partners, with a cross section of people
  • Conducted review of current materials and products for possible inclusion in kits. (e.g. components of CDC TBI toolkit developed for physicians)

The toolkit is divided into two sections:

I. Fact sheets for individuals with TBI and their


II. Fact sheets for providers

  • Each sectionhas two components:
      • Children
      • Adults
fact sheets for persons with tbi and their families
Fact Sheets for persons with TBI and their families
  • At the time of injury, overload of information
  • Stakeholders wanted a flexible product that would meet their needs at different times
  • Tool kits were developed, with different information that can be provided at different times
about tbi
About TBI

General guide on symptoms, mild vs. acute, different types of injuries

What do I do next?

Tests to evaluate your injury

TBI treatments

Glossary of terms

When your head has been hurt: facts for children and adults

Facts about comas

Sample Sources: Centers for Disease Control 2004/2003

the recovery process
The recovery process

What to expect including:

  • Stages of recovery
  • Range of symptoms
  • Signs of improvement
  • Rancho Los Amigos scale
  • Glasgow Coma Scale

Working with your health care team

How to cope with TBI and common reactions

After you leave the hospital

When to contact your provider (physician, clinician, case manager)

The role of rehab

Back to School with TBI

where to get help resources
Where to get help (resources)

Self-advocacy; how to navigate the system

Brain injury resources, organizations with phone numbers and web addresses

Where to go for support (mentors, support groups, hotlines, etc.)

provider fact sheets
Provider Fact Sheets


  • For different levels of knowledge and expertise about TBI
  • For people with a broader focus and other expertise
  • As a tool to more effectively support people with TBI and their families
  • For multiple uses in multiple settings

TBI, signs and symptoms

Definition of MTBI


History taking


Management approaches

The role of rehab

facilitating recovery
Facilitating recovery

Communicating with families

Cultural diversity and the role it plays in treatment and recovery

Special needs for children with TBI including fact sheets:

Tips for Parents, Tips for Teachers


References for articles and links to information


The tool kits are designed:

  • to provide persons with TBI and their families with useful, direct information, and additional resources they may need now or in the future, and
  • To increase the knowledge of providers about TBI, and provide them with informational materials that they can give to persons with TBI and their families with whom they work